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Julia Needham

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Julia is a criminal practitioner with experience of prosecuting and defending across a wide range of cases including possession of firearms with intent, armed robbery and other violent crime, production and supply of Class A drugs/test purchase operations, witness intimidation, sexual assault including historic sex abuse, hate crime and domestic violence cases.   Known for her meticulous preparation, Julia is regularly re-instructed by those familiar with her proactive approach.

Julia has both prosecuted and defended cases investigated by Operation Trident and the Flying Squad, and has experience of many cases involving complex disclosure issues including extensive sensitive material, PII and anonymity.  She has appeared regularly in the High Court and Court of Appeal, resulting in a number of reported cases (see below).

Given her lifelong interest in Human Rights Law / Civil Liberties, Julia welcomes instructions from the defence or prosecution in cases where these principles are engaged, in particular cases involving Human Trafficking / Modern Slavery law.  Julia is especially interested in the jurisdiction of the Coroner’s Court and welcomes instructions in this area.  She will consider acting pro bono in cases of particular merit.

Following a career break during which she moved to Worcestershire, Julia now practices predominantly on the Midlands Circuit.  She has no interest whatsoever in SFO cases.

“A tenacious cross-examiner…despite her genuine courtesy and slightly self-deprecating manner, she is a formidable advocate”. HHJ Zeidman, Snaresbrook Crown Court

Interested in instructing Mrs Needham?

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Crime Barrister

Julia is particularly skilled at handling vulnerable witnesses.  She has often been preferred counsel in cases involving witnesses who are especially vulnerable by reason of age, disability, sexual orientation, where domestic violence/hate crime is involved and/or where cultural context is particularly relevant.

Unreported Cases – Some examples

R v Rankin, Isleworth Crown Court – Instructions for the Defence

An unusual dangerous dogs case in which the victim had died as a result of his injuries.  Relentless determination to extract adequate and appropriate disclosure during the pre-trail period subsequently formed the basis for Julia successful application to exclude the four key witnesses under PACE s78.  The prosecution were unable to proceed without this evidence and the case was dismissed.

R v Ullah & S – Snaresbrook Crown Court – Instructions for the Prosecution

Allegation of GBH with intent involving a planned ‘revenge’ attack where the complainant was unwittingly lured to the scene by a third party.  Upon Julia’s advice, the ‘third party’ was also arrested, charged and added to the indictment.  Both defendants unanimously convicted by the jury, following a contested trial.

R v C, Wood Green Crown Court – Instructions for the Defence

The defendant was indicted for several offences following an allegedly unprovoked attack on several drivers in a minicab office.  Following Julia’s successful submission of no case to answer, the case was dismissed at the close of the prosecution case.

R v Popo – Snaresbrook Crown Court – Instructions for the Prosecution

Historic sexual abuse case spanning a period of 7 years during the complainant’s childhood.     Indictment redrafted alongside pre-trial advice to better reflect the period and type of offending, while providing clarity for the jury.  Defendant unanimously convicted on all counts.

Reported cases

Carter v CPS [2009] EWHC 2197 (Admin)

Guideline case on procedure for breach of Dispersal Order

Wellington v DPP [2007] EWCA 1061 (Admin)

Admissibility at trial of information held on the PNC.

R v Stevens [2006] EWCA Crim 255

Guideline case on sentencing for breach of ASBO

Murphy v DPP [2006] EWHC 1703 (Admin)

Decision relating to Crown’s pre-trial disclosure obligations regarding technical documents, information and material held by third parties.

W & Anor v R[2006] EWCA Crim 686

W v DPP [2005] EWCA Civ 1333

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Criminal Bar Association

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Jules Thorn Scholar of the Middle Temple

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