Martin Khoshdel

Martin Khoshdel

Call: 2010

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Martin has a broad common law practice across chambers’ practice areas, and accepts instructions in all matters.

Prior to coming to the Bar, Martin had worked as a criminal paralegal for 2 London firms and as a legal assistant in the Immigration and Family departments of another London firm. He uses the knowledge and skills he has developed in his daily practice. He is praised for his client care, professional yet friendly manner, keen attention to detail, legal knowledge and fearless approach to representing his clients in court.

Martin is direct access qualified and welcomes instructions in any area of law.

Martin is a fluent Farsi speaker.

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Crime Barrister

Martin has an extremely busy criminal practice, predominantly defence, appearing in all criminal courts. He receives instructions covering the entire range of criminal offences in single and multi handed cases including serious violence, dishonesty, drugs, sexual, public order and fraud offences.

Martin is well sought after and receives instructions on matters beyond his years of call due to his abilities as a tenacious, fearless, yet courteous Advocate able to represent his clients with great care and skill. His cross examination has been described as ‘tactful and effective’.

Martin has a particular expertise in road traffic offences, having received training in this area of law, and represents Defendants charged with Drink Driving, Failing to Provide Specimens, Careless and Dangerous Driving, Speeding, and other driving offences. Martin further represents individuals charged with Plying for Hire and Taxi Touting offences.

Notable Cases

R v Eze Eke and others – Stafford Crown Court (September – October 2017) – defendants all charged with Affray which took place in prison involving prisoners caught on CCTV fighting, throwing missiles and using weapons. Eke was found Not Guilty after trial.

R v Kyrron Jackson (Court of Appeal – permission hearing): Junior to Andrew Fitch-Holland. Sought permission to appeal against the 37 years minimum term in a Murder for gain offence.

R v Margaret Doyle (Kingston Crown Court) – the Defendant was charged with Wounding with Intent contrary to s.18 OAPA and Possession of a Bladed Article. The complainant suffered over 5 deep knife wounds mainly to her back. The defendant maintained it was in self defence. At trial, after lengthy legal argument in respect of the admission into evidence of important and significant hearsay comments by the complainant the hearsay evidence was not admitted and the Crown offered no evidence in respect of both offences.

R v Nezir Babiqi (Southwark Crown Court) – The trial concerned the Defendant cab driver sexually assaulting his passenger by penetrating her vagina on three occasions in the same journey with his fingers. The Defendant was acquitted.

R v Joshua Airey and 4 others (Kingston Crown Court) – all Defendants were charged with Affray. The case concerned a pub fight in Twickenham with very serious and permanent injuries having been caused to the victim. The trial lasted 4 weeks and involved lengthy CCTV footage. Joshua Airey was acquitted.

R v Duc Manh Vu (Portsmouth Crown Court) – represented the defendant charged with Being Concerned in the Supply of Drugs and Money Laundering offences. The case concerned the renting of premises for the production of cannabis, the value of which amounted to £2.1m and the laundering of that money. The evidence was that the defendant’s 10 year old son’s fingerprint was found on a box of scales in the cannabis factory premises, his spending at Casinos and a positive identification by the landlady having rented the premises to him for 2 years seeing him once a month to take payment.

R v HK and another (Harrow Crown Court) – 1 week 2 handed Robbery trial where the two defendants and others unknown beat a student causing serious injuries and in the process stole his Samsung phone with white Apple iPhone earphones.

R v HK and another (Court of Appeal) – the appeal against conviction concerned the above trial and the trial judge’s admission of bad character and refusal to stop the case at half time.

R v Muhammad Nabi and 3 others (represented the second defendant Nabi) (Wood Green Crown Court) – The first defendant was charged with Rape. All of the Defendants were charged with making arrangements to persuade the complainant to change her account via speaking to her friends and making suggestions amounting to bribery. The evidence consisted of phone evidence by way of calls to the prison and calls to other defendants. All defendants were acquitted after trial.

R v Byron Haines (Oxford Crown Court) – Possession of Class A Drugs (cocaine and heroin) with Intent to Supply. Based on an informant’s tip, the police raided a house where the defendant was found with wraps of cocaine and heroin. He was also found trying to get rid of the drugs by snorting the cocaine upon seeing the police. There were ‘dealer’s lists’, scales and phone messages recovered. Bad character evidence was going to be relied upon as he was a notorious drug dealer in Oxford.

R v Jerral Johnson-Lowe (Harrow Crown Court) – the Defendant was charged with wounding with intent contrary to s.18 OAPA having smashed a mirror over his partner’s arm which caused gruesome injuries. She left the property holding a towel on her arm in order to keep her flesh from hanging, she was taken to the ground and attacked by the Defendant.

R v NB and others (2017) – Central Criminal Court – Led junior instructed to represent NB for Conspiracy to Murder.

R v ML (Oxford Crown Court) – March 2017 – Represented the Defendant facing Trial for historic Rape allegations of his daughter between the ages of 11-15. The Defendant was acquitted following a 6 day Trial.

R v OM (Kingston CC) – May 2017 – Represented the Defendant at Trial charged with s18 GBH. Defendant assaulted his cellmate repeatedly kicking and stamping his head even whilst unconscious. The Victim was left with life threatening and life changing injuries; he was also left in a coma for a number of weeks.

R v MA – June 2017 – Croydon Crown Court (2 weeks) – Represented a Defendant charged with Grievous Bodily Harm on his partner’s 5-6 months old baby. The injuries were fractured bone to the left parietal bone and extensive bruising and swelling to the child’s face. The Trial involved cross examining 4 Prosecution expert witnesses on the injuries with the defence not calling an expert. The Defendant was found Not Guilty.


Civil Barrister

Martin has an expanding civil practice accepting instructions at any stage of proceedings. As well as appearing in court, he is frequently instructed to draft statements of case, and legal opinions in all civil cases including Employment, Contract, Landlord and Tenant disputes, and Personal Injury. He has an interest in developing his civil practice with a particular emphasis on Sports Law and Judicial Review.

Martin has experience in regulatory law representing the ACCA on numerous occasions. This is a growing practice area and continues to develop it.

Martin has a developing prison law practice representing prisoners in all types of hearings, with an interest in Parole Board Hearings.

Family Barrister

Martin accepts instructions in all Family matters in private law, public law and matrimonial cases. He welcomes instructions to appear in interim and final hearings.

Immigration Barrister

Martin accepts instructions in relation to all aspects of immigration law.

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