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Failure to act on Female Genital Mutilation

Local Government analysis: The failure to successfully prosecute a single case of female genital mutilation (FGM) in the UK is a ‘national scandal’, the Commons home affairs select committee said in September 2016. In a recent report, the MPs said it was ‘beyond belief’ that no one had been convicted of FGM, 30 years after […]

The magic of mentoring

Joanne Wicks QC, Grace Ong and Lucinda Orr outline the benefits of mentoring for barristers. Chancery Bar Association mentoring: Joanne Wicks QC The Chancery Bar Association (ChBA) mentoring scheme was set up in 2009. It was initially, and controversially, only open to women, though it was always intended to be rolled out to men too: […]

Securing a child’s best interests through non-judicial means

Family Analysis The decision of the Court of Appeal in the parental contact case of Re Q (A Child) was effectively resolved via a non-judicial method to meet the child’s best needs. Kayleigh Long, barrister at Goldsmith Chambers, says the case goes to the core of assessing a child’s best interests, and highlights that sometimes […]