Stephen Willmer

Stephen Willmer

Call: 2004

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Stephen Willmer took degrees in history from King’s College London and political science from the LSE and in 2004 was Called to the Bar with the assistance of a Middle Temple Queen Mother scholarship.

He has for many years been public access qualified, and has developed a wide-ranging practice representing businesses, individuals and sometimes public authorities. Stephen’s preferred approach is to try to get under the skin of a case early on, in the belief that this will save costs and prevent client misery further down the road. His advice is candid but courteous and he likes to think his advocacy follows the same pattern. Where appropriate he has been known to devote significant time to trying to persuade clients not to get involved with the legal system but is a firm believer in the dictum that ‘forewarned is forearmed’ – in other words, if assistance is needed then it is best sought early.

His practice has evolved to focus on the areas listed below, albeit there are frequent overlaps with each other and with other areas of law. His work is contentious and non-contentious.

In his spare time, Stephen is a keen amateur cook and is trying to learn how to play golf and how to box. He reveres the music of J.S. Bach and enjoys esoteric and genre literature.

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Civil Barrister

Insolvency and finance

Challenges to lenders, including secured lenders, Petitions and applications to restrain and to annul, the unfreezing of accounts, public and private examinations, section 236 Insolvency Act account of dealings, statutory demands, spousal rights in the marital home, disqualification of directors


From drafting and advising on the interpretation of contracts to advice and representation. Recent cases have involved construction disputes, miss-sold land bank and property deals, a digital data provider, utilities billing, personal guarantees and promissory notes, economic duress.

Wills, trusts and probate

Applications to remove trustees, Inheritance Act claims (including those made out of time), contentious probate claims, constructive trust and ToLATA advice and representation.

Landlord and tenant

Possession claims, including against trespassers, mortgagors claims for possession, leasehold disputes over matters such as service charges and covenants in the Land Tribunal and County Court, claims in unlawful eviction and relief from forfeiture, as well as commercial lease renewals.

Companies and partnerships

Partnership disputes and terminations, advice in relation to partnership property and insolvency. Corporate personality and liability, insolvency, directors’ duties and disqualification, restoring dissolved companies, unfair prejudice petitions and derivative claims.

Boundary and neighbour disputes

Cases involving harassment, disagreements over boundaries, nuisance and trespass.

Professional discipline

Advice and representation in specialist tribunals, acting for either side. Experience includes accountants, child-minders, barristers and ophthalmologists.


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