About Us

Goldsmith Chambers

Based in the heart of the Temple in central London, Goldsmith Chambers is a leading multi-disciplinary set who are committed to providing you with expert advocacy and quality advice. Our members are instructed and appear in courts throughout the country and beyond from the Magistrates and County courts to the Supreme Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

We are a forward thinking and progressive set that holds traditional values whilst adopting a fresh approach to providing legal services.

We want you to experience highly professional and accessible legal services. That is why our dedicated proficient team of clerks combine their specialist skills to work across the full spectrum of disciplines with an effective, efficient and friendly approach. We take pride in our profession and we work to maintain its highest standards of integrity.

Goldsmith Chambers can offer direct access barristers which means that in certain cases, you can instruct and seek advice direct from our barristers without the need for a solicitor.

Our goal is to work with you to ensure your cases are handled with the utmost care and professionalism to a high standard. Together, we will find the right solution for your needs.

Bar Council Standard Conditions Of Contract

The terms on which members of Chambers and working pupils offer their services to authorised professional clients, in the absence of express agreement to the contrary, are set out in The Standard Contractual Terms For The Supply Of Legal Services By Barristers To Authorised Persons 2012 (updated for the GDPR in 2018) – Annex T to The Code of Conduct and can be accessed by using the following link. Express agreement to the contrary must be in writing and agreed with the barrister concerned.