Animal Rights

The Animal Rights Team at Goldsmith Chambers was founded by a group of members with a long-standing commitment to, and expertise in, animal rights.  The team works closely with NGOs, animal protection groups and individuals.

The Animal Rights Team has close connections to ALAW (the UK Centre for Animal Law), with one of our members being a co-founder, and numerous barristers on the team being members and contributors.

Neil Dinsdale

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Please contact Neil Dinsdale one of our Clerks, who will advise you on the best representation for your requirements and budget. Please call on 0207 427 6802 or email.

Strategic Litigation

“The law cannot save those who deny it but neither can the law serve any who do not use it. The history of injustice and inequality is a history of disuse of the law.”

All too often animal rights law is reactive, involving defending against use of the law by others.  It does not have to be that way.  We can undertake strategic litigation to promote animal rights in a pro-active way, whether that be by challenges to the policies of official bodies, actions against companies and groups that harm animals, or private prosecutions.

Judicial Review

Members of the Animal Rights Team have extensive experience of judicial review applications and, can assist and advise on the merits of potential litigation including challenges to the failure of DEFRA or local authorities to enforce compliance with Animal Welfare Legislation. The Team can assist from the earliest stages of proceedings through to full hearing and appeals in the higher courts.

Private Prosecutions

Members of our Animal Rights team frequently appear in the criminal arena, in both the Magistrates and Crown Court.  We specialise in advising on and conducting private prosecutions, a vital tool in enforcing animal welfare standards.

Services for Activists

Our team can provide comprehensive advice, and, if necessary, representation for animal rights activists in both criminal and civil proceedings. We have extensive experience of acting for people involved in protests, demonstrations, and direct action.  This includes public order offences, challenging injunctions, resisting threats of defamation proceedings, and practical legal advice for people conducting undercover investigations.

Employment Law

We can provide advice and representation for people facing prejudice and unfair treatment in the workplace due to their belief in animal rights or vegan lifestyle.  We can also advise employers on how best to ensure a legally compliant workplace.


Please contact Neil Dinsdale or William Heavey to discuss any aspect of your case, however complex, to explore how Goldsmith Animal Rights Group members can advise and assist you.

You can follow the team on Instagram @goldsmith_animalrights and on twitter @GoldsmithAnimal.  The team also has a LinkedIn page – Goldsmith Chambers Animal Rights Team.

Direct Access

If you are looking for representation on a direct access basis please click here or alternatively contact Neil Dinsdale or William Heavey.

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