Members of Chambers are able to provide expert advice and representation, whether it be prior to charge during the investigatory stage, or throughout any prosecution. Our specialists have extensive experience in dealing with issues relating to the legality of search warrants and the seizure of material protected by professional privilege.

Lynn Pilkington

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Please contact Lynn Pilkington one of our Clerks, who will advise you on the best representation for your requirements and budget. Please call on 0207 427 6860 or email.

Our team manage complex cases, with case papers frequently running into the 100,000’s of pages of evidence and material, providing precise, focused advice to ensure our clients receive the very best representation, both in and outside of the courtroom. We are able to assist and advise in internal investigations where companies are themselves the victim of fraud, and are able to assemble bespoke multi-disciplinary teams of investigators and forensic accountants to assist in such cases.

We also assist and advise in internal investigations carried out by Companies who face either an allegation that staff have committed fraud, or where a company has been the victim of fraud.

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If you are looking for representation on a direct access basis please click here or alternatively contact Michael Johnson.

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