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Oliver Newman

Call: 2010

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Oliver is a common law practitioner with specialisms in fraud and property law. He is known for his forensic approach, ensuring that no detail is missed. He is frequently praised for his cross-examination which, built on careful preparation, regularly yields case winning answers.

Comfortable dealing with technicality, Oliver can often be found in the Crown Court fighting complex fraud and money laundering cases involving the analysis of hundreds of pages of bank statements, challenging forensic accountants and painstakingly pulling together details from across business records, emails, call logs and message chains. His cases have required him to master businesses as diverse as fashion purchasing, casino roulette, wine investing and property management. He is a CPS Grade 2 Prosecutor and on the specialist fraud panel.

Similarly, in his property law practice he has argued rights of way cases requiring the analysis of title deeds going back 100 years and careful consideration of the exact measurements on the ground, TOLATA cases involving drawing conclusions from hundreds of pages of bank statements and forfeiture cases requiring creative interpretation of the lease documents.

This cross-disciplinary approach means that Oliver is well equipped to deal with difficult cases which pull in different areas of law. A recent criminal case required him to advise on issues involving corporate law and share allocation, rights of way and interpretation of leases. It has also lead to him being frequently instructed to defend regulatory prosecutions brought by local authorities.

Oliver regularly appears in the family courts arguing matrimonial finance cases, where his experience in finances is a great asset, and matters relating to property such as occupation orders.

He has been direct access qualified for several years and his happy to accept instructions on this basis, frequently saving clients’ money and resolving matters at an early stage with careful detailed advice.

Oliver studied Philosophy, Politics at Brasenose College, Oxford, before doing his law conversion course at City University where he obtained a distinction. He was Called to the Bar in 2010 with the assistance of a Lord Denning’s Scholarship and a Hardwicke Scholarship from Lincoln’s Inn.

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Civil Barrister

Oliver is regularly instructed in diverse civil matters but specialises in property law and personal injury.

He is routinely instructed in cases relating to the breakdown of relationships, including TOLATA, promissory estoppel and Inheritance Act proceedings. Early, detailed and comprehensive advice has repeatedly lead to early and advantageous settlement, avoiding the need for costly court proceedings in this uncertain area.

He is experienced in both domestic and commercial leasehold law, including possession proceedings, relief from forfeiture and interpretation of leases.

He frequently advises and appears in court in relation to serious personal injury claims, including loss of earnings. One recent case involved consideration of the loss of earnings for a trainee pilot. In road traffic matters his criminal experience and attention to detail enables him to carefully reconstruct the competing accounts, exploiting witness inaccuracies and where accounts do not match with the physical evidence.

He has appeared in contempt proceedings arising out of personal injury cases and matrimonial finance cases where his criminal background has been an asset.

He has appeared in proceedings for interim remedies including freezing injunctions.

He prefers to be instructed in a case at an early stage so that detailed initial advice can be given to try and limit costs and issues down the road. He is happy to provide initial advice on prospects, draft particulars as well as appear in court. He regularly appears in the County Court and High Court.

Recent cases include:

·       S v K: TOLATA claim involving consideration of the Inheritance Act and promissory estoppel

·       P v W: neighbour dispute, including issues of rights of way, harassment and negligence

·       N v A: successfully got a bailment claim struck out as an abuse of process, arose out of a claim for rent arrears for a commercial premises

·       P v W & A: Application for 3rd Party costs against a surveyor, managed to settle it at a substantially reduced value in order to minimise the client’s risk exposure

·       A v HK Professional negligence claim arising out of complex High Court TOLATA proceedings, solicitors miss-managed the proceeds of the properties ordered by the court to be sold

·       S v F: misrepresentation claim involving the sale of a property prone to flooding, early advice and engagement meant it could be settled at a low level

·       E v T: commercial lease case involving questions of breach, forfeiture and illegality by a restaurant sub-tenant

·       N v C: Successfully argued that the debt was an unliquidated sum and so could not found a bankruptcy petition through interpretation of the personal guarantee

·       M v D: Interpretation of an agricultural right of way past a residential property, succeeding in reducing the scope of the right of way so as to allow the Defendant to install gates and limit the use

·       LVE v K: multi-handed contempt case arising out of a finding of fundamental dishonesty in a fast track trial


Crime Barrister

Although Oliver is a fraud specialist, he is frequently instructed in a wide range of criminal matters, including violence and sexual offences. He is experienced in fighting POCA proceedings for both Defence and Prosecution.

He also has extensive experience of dealing with regulatory cases and local authority prosecutions in the criminal courts, including licencing arguments, planning, failure to comply with improvement notices.

He regularly defends in specialist driving cases and his road traffic personal injury experience means that he is adept at interpreting traffic accidents. He has successfully obtained acquittals for police officers accused of dangerous and careless driving both on and off duty.

Recent notable cases include:

Fraud and money laundering:

·       R v G: Prosecuted a £3 million complex money laundering involving multiple fake businesses and subverted bank accounts, Defendant pleaded after opening made it clear he would lose at trial.

·       LB Southwark v Y & Y: Successfully defended £300,000 money laundering case arising out of a tobacco smuggling investigation. Defendants acquitted following cross-examination of the Prosecution’s forensic accountant showed the limitations of their analysis and assumptions.

·       LB Southwark v W: Successfully defended false trade mark and money laundering case, dropped by the prosecution after the Defence Statement pointed out the problems with their analysis of the bank statements.

·       R v D & G: Successfully prosecuted a complex property fraud, involved consideration of freehold-leasehold, corporate law and share ownership.

·       LB Hounslow v G: Defended POCA proceedings arising out of prosecution for a breach of planning regulations, fought down the final award using proportionality arguments and consideration of the scope of the planning legislation.

·       R v G and others: Prosecuted a five handed ‘hacking’ case involving the exploitation of Barclays banking app. Involved a legal argument on the interpretation of the Computer Misuse Act and the line between hacking and fraud. Central Defendant’s convicted.

·       R v T: Prosecuted a £300,000 fraud case involving finance agreements and the fashion industry. Cross-examination exposed the Defendant as a fantasist and convicted.

·       R v T: Prosecuted £100,000 international money laundering involving the use of credit cards across the world. Defendant convicted after consideration of the jurisdictional issues. Avoided an abuse argument in line with R v Gavin & Tasi to obtain a POCA order.

·       R v A, N & S: Prosecuted a Casino fraud, dealer was alleged to be acting in concert with the other Defendants. All Defendants convicted after painstaking analysis of the footage clearly and simply presented to the jury.

·       R v B: Successful prosecution of £50,000 daisy-chaining fraud against several major retailers.


·       R v C & L: Successful prosecution of a brawl in a pub garden involving 15 prosecution witnesses, 6 defence witnesses and local press interest

·       R v O: Successful prosecution of a glassing in a pub, Defendant convicted after cross-examination showed him to be sexist misogynist who’s pride was hurt by the victim’s rejection of him

·       R v M: Defending s.18 trial, evidence successfully excluded after attempts to adduce it without proper disclosure

·       R v F: Defended domestic violence ABH, defendant acquitted after cross-examination showed that the Complainant’s demeanour was very different to what she had described in evidence


Family Barrister

Oliver is experienced in matrimonial finance cases, using his numerical background and experience in criminal and civil fraud to carefully interrogate financial disclosure to ensure that all assets are fully disclosed and properly valued.

He is frequently praised for his clear written submissions and straightforward presentation of financial information, allowing Judges to understand his client’s case and immediately tilting the playing field in their favour. His property law experience enables him to cut through complicated questions of trusts and give early accurate advice on prospects.

He also has experience in enforcement, including committal proceedings, when a party does not comply with the court process.


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