Barry Coulter

Barry Coulter

Call: 1986

“There are simply no words to express my highest degree of gratitude to you ……. Knowing that you were always there, gave me the strength and confidence that this matter was going to be eventually resolved. Without your kind help and understanding, this would have been impossible for me to achieve. Only Gods know how much I do appreciate what you have done for me.”

Direct Access Client

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Barry is a specialist in commercial and civil litigation particularly property related. He started his legal career as a common law practitioner. In thirty years of practice there are few areas of law where he has not been instructed.

His experience taught him that the techniques of successful civil litigation cross over from one area of law to the others, for example general commercial disputes, partnership disputes and land and building disputes (including planning).

In addition to numerous talks in the UK he has given lectures to commercial lawyers and businesses in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Warsaw and Budapest. He is available to lecture on specific areas or issues within each of his practice areas (and in addition the Bribery Act 2010).

Notable Cases

  • SNT Ltd v Bootes a current argument in the bankruptcy court as to whether an international arms dealer is entitled to claim diplomatic immunity such that he can avoid the consequences of default judgments and whether Tomlin orders can be enforced by the Bankruptcy courts.
  • Njie v Shofoluwe October 2021 High Court Master Cook. A successful defence of an application under CPR 3.7(3) to revoke a judgment made by consent apportioning liability between insurers (on the one hand the MIB Art 75 insurer and on the other hand the RTA insurer) in a substantial personal injury claim.
  • Secretary of State for Education v CCP Graduate School Limited Queen’s Bench Division [2021] EWHC 2432 (QB) successfully defending a test case brought by the Secretary of State against a higher education college for return of tuition fees said to have been wrongly paid out to the college.
  • Miles v Shearer Chancery Division 2021 High Court (Chancery) advising on representing the disappointed parties following the refusal of an Inheritance Act claim by disinherited adult children seeking provision from the estate of their wealthy father.
  • Shah and Shah v Shah and Shah 2020 [2021] EWHC 1668 (QB) Successful defence of a claim arising out of an internecine property dispute with the assets in India (save for nominal payment) but unsuccessfully resisting a costs order.
  • CMC Markets Plc V Mayce Constructions Pty Limited High Court claim arising out of alleged bribery in Australian construction contracts.
  • Leggett v Giambrone Law LLP (In Liquidation) Queen’s Bench Division[2020] EWHC 724 claim by 41 individuals against their solicitor for breach of contract in failing to warn of the potential risks posed by Mafia involvement in an Italian sea side development  (the claim now being brought against the solicitors insurers AIG).
  • SSE v GE Medway Power Station a dispute over liabilities arsing out of engineering damage in a nuclear reactor.
  • Pepe’s Piri Piri Ltd v Junaid Queen’s Bench Division [2019] EWHC 2097 (QB) High Court a successful defence (save for a de minimis payment) of a claim relying on the economic torts by the franchisor against a franchisee. Also interesting for the line of authority followed over the definition of ‘the winner’ under CPR 44.2.
  • Mete v AXA Insurance (2013) High Court decision on the ability or otherwise of insurers to rely on the default of the insured to avoid liability to third parties on claims arising under the Road Traffic Acts and European Regulations.
  • Anderton v Clwyd CC [2002] 1 W.L.R. 3174: Court of Appeal guidance on the application and practice of CPR r 6.
  • Casey v Morane [2001] ICR 316: Court of Appeal guidance on the consequences during a trial of a submission of no case by a Defendant.

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Civil Barrister


  • Construction -B v A Advising in construction arbitration with seat in the US.
  • Arbitration – B v A Advising in construction arbitration with seat in the US.
  • Company – D v E advising on dispute over control of linked companies and minority shareholders rights.


Company and personal – X v Y advising in relation to directors accused by receiver of fraudulent trading


  • Landlord and Tenant – W v Z Advising and representing leaseholder company against interest of freeholder on rights of development potential.
  • Planning – LB v L successful planning appeal overturning refusal by a London Borough seeking effectively to outlaw HMO’s within their borough.

Professional Negligence

  • Solicitors – G v H dispute between solicitor and former client in relation to failure to advise as to the effects of ‘overage’ rights ultimately setting on the payment of substantial damages and costs to the client.
  • Medical practitioners – D v E NHS Trust mother and child suffering life long injuries (the child suffering permanent brain injuries) due to negligent pre-natal care and during the birth.


  • F v G advising and representing Indian company directors being investigated in the UK over alleged fraudulent trading.
  • B v A Advising UK company and its Californian lawyers in a construction arbitration with arbitral seat in the US.


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