David Mendes Da Costa

David Mendes Da Costa

Call: 1976

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David has practiced as a family lawyer and civil barrister since 1980. He has extensive experience at all levels of the family court system, whether initial hearing, trials or appeals. His practice has ranged from financial remedy issues, Inheritance and Family Provision trials to Residence and Contact cases. His area of particular interest is jointly owned property where the shares are in dispute.

He has advised in a number of cases involving powers of attorney.

He now specialises in work as a direct access barrister and as an accredited litigator. David has a Litigation Extension which means that he can go on the record in the same way as a solicitor. Where possible David likes to offer package deals for litigation. This means quoting a price to act for you throughout your case to its conclusion. If a deal is agreed it can help make sure that you will be able to finish your case. Though he prefers to steer a reasonable and non-contentious course if it is in his client’s interest, David is a fierce fighter when required.

Being accredited both as a family and commercial mediator and having considerable experience in civil and commercial work too; David is able bring a wealth of experience and expertise when acting as an advocate and negotiator in civil and commercial mediation.  It also enables him to understand and provide the support some clients need in litigation.


David’s handling of my divorce financial issues resulted in a very cost-effective settlement in the long run. David took over the ongoing case from a previous barrister and from the first meeting, I knew I had made the right decision, especially with the personal attention he gave the matter and was always easy to contact and have an open frank discussion with.

David’s approach to the case, in addition to addressing the necessary facts and figures, was also focused on how the other party and the judge/court would view the circumstances and situation and plan two steps ahead and to put forward my case in the best possible circumstances and to negate any adverse impact by the other party and the court.

I am truly satisfied with his expert knowledge in Family Law and handling of my case and I can now leave my troubles behind and plan a new life.

Overall, I had confidence in David as my Barrister and that his approach was very comforting.  I would highly recommend him.


I instructed David as part of the process leading to the resolution of the financial aspects of my divorce. I found communication with him – by email, on the phone or in person – very straightforward and effective. I worked very close to David, as he was instructed through the Direct Access (DA) scheme, therefore allowing direct contact without the filter of a solicitor.

David was always happy to explain procedural issues to me and provided a great deal of guidance for court documents which in the DA scheme are prepared by the client rather than their solicitor. He was very effective in pushing the other party into a compromise, ultimately to my benefit. When an agreement was eventually found, he worked very hard to craft the final order so that resolution of future disagreements would be straightforward.

During the hearing, directions received from the judge reflected very much David’s expectations on the outcome of the case, therefore showing his great understanding of the legal process. He went out of his way to ensure a speedy resolution of the proceedings, reaching a resolution in a much shorter timeframe than what we expected. For this reason, I was very impressed by his dedication and I would wholeheartedly recommend him.

Notable cases

  • R v R (2017) Acting for an intevenor  successfully opposing a Section 37 Application. 8 days CFC
  • M v K (2017)  6 day fact finding acting for Father successfully.  As a result an application to relocate abandoned
  • Amin v Amin (2015)Appeal of pension sharing order and order for sale of family home.
  • Re S [1994] 1 FCR 577 (CA)
  • Re S (a minor) (stay of proceedings) [1993] 2 FLR 912 Forum dispute arising from application for permission to relocate child.
  • Khan v. Khan [1995] 3 FCR 569 (CA) Wife applying for husband’s committal and ouster from the matrimonial home.
  • Abdullah v City of Westminster [2007] EWCA Civ 1566 (CA), Housing Act Appeal
  • GMAC v Khan and Butt (13 October 2009) Central London County Court (Chancery) HHJ Marshall QC. Dealing with issues of rectification, indemnity and blameless mortgagees under the Land Registration Act 2002 where an innocent house owner was a victim of fraudulent land registration.


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