Meyrick Williams

Meyrick Williams

Call: 2003

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Meyrick’s practice has a strong focus on criminal law. Whilst at the criminal Bar he has been instructed in conspiracy, murder, fraud, proceeds of crime and confiscation  including money laundering offences, restraining orders and the like, professional robbery, firearms supply, drug importations, rape, trafficking, modern slavery and historic offences.

Meyrick’s professional practice in London begin in the later 1990s with his first appearances before Southwark Crown Court dating from 1998 obtaining Letters of Request or sentencing.

On first qualification he moved to the European Commission prosecuting price fixing cartels (Cartonboard: 24 companies, 12 countries) (DGIV / DG Competition). Before qualification he worked in Paris in English and French law firms (Shipping, ICC).

In London from the mid-1990s Meyrick specialised in large-scale fraud and commercial matters in a Legal 500 firm at the end of the SFO/Brent Walker trial. He lead defences in rights issue fraud, bonds or other investment fraud (Spread betting, Whisky / Millenium Champagne etc), insolvency fraud, LCB and other VAT evasions. Often these had cross-border aspects, e.g. the US, and additionally involved extradition, judicial review and Letters of Request (Meyrick would obtain from the Crown Court). He was one of the first VHCC Supervisors based solely on his experience of SFO, HMCE etc cases giving any firm access to the Fraud Panel and ensuring continued leadership in those cases. He appeared in the Bankruptcy Court protecting valuable assets (eg development land) from creditors and frequently before Masters in Chancery and QBD (applications to dismiss, disclosure, fraud etc) against the likes of Clifford Chance, Wilde Sapte etc. Offered partnership he transferred to the Criminal Bar in 2003 with a reduced pupillage at 2 Hare Court before moving to the late Sir Desmond De Silva’s set at Paper Buildings.

Since then he has practiced in crime with increasing seriousness and complexity and with some civil [insolvency, copyright] and also regulatory matters.

Meyrick is a Committee Member of the Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association and practises on the South-East and Midlands circuits.

Publications by Meyrick:

  • “Practical Law” – articles on confiscation by Meyrick can be found on this website (access to subscribers only – Practical Law (Thomson Reuters)).
  • “Proceeds of Crime and Fraud Newsletter” – The cumulative Index to Fraud and Proceeds of Crime Newsletters 2009 – 2013 and Newsletters 2009 – 2015 covering all aspects of POCA 2002, fraud, Bribery and corruption etc produced by Meyrick.
  • Director Disqualification (and corporate and Director criminal liability), International Journal of Governance and Disclosure (Vol. 2, No. 3 September 2005, pp 282-304).

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Crime Barrister

Meyrick is an effective jury advocate securing acquittals in long running, complex trials, often against Silks, as leader or junior alone, involving fraud, firearms, forensic, expert and accounting evidence, anonymous witnesses, DNA, Cell-site, covert recordings, intermediaries etc.

He has dealt with heavy weight fraudsters, illegal arms importers / exporters, company directors, HNWIs, sex offenders and those in the public eye.

Meyrick is also at home in the Court of Appeal appearing in matters of sentence, conviction and confiscation.

Meyrick has been effective in beating, reducing or dismissing confiscation proceedings and other POCA proceedings or obtaining leave to appeal where orders have been made. He has been successfully doing this since the mid-1990s / CJA 1987 starting with the SFO and everyone else since and in recovery of money seized. He has provided assistance or criminal expertise regarding high profile defendants or cases and in 2012 / 2013 he provided advice and assistance or guidance for an Arab Spring state seeking to recover overseas assets.

Throughout his career at the Bar, Meyrick has also prosecuted in matters of fraud, serious sexual offences, violence and acted in Police disciplinary matters

Notable Cases

  • R v W and others [2024][Private prosecution]  – defending trade mark infringements – 2024]
  • R v H and others [2023]: Leading – Defending in historic child sex abuse Rochdale/Rotherham [3-4 months]
  • R v F and others [2023] Leading – prosecuting aggravated burglary, conspiracy to rob [6 weeks]l
  • R v S and others [2022-2023]: Leading – Instructed to prosecute fraud on banks with extensive money laundering [2months].
  • R v H [2022] Defending – Historic child sex offences – acquitted
  • Court of Appeal – Defending- robbery – conviction quashed – retrial 2024
  • R v I [2022]: Defending in lengthy murder/violent disorder – acquitted [4 month trial]
  • R V [2021: Defending instructed to defend in murder [R v Gnango type case]
  • R v F [2021]: Prosecuting deaths by dangerous driving – defendant claimed not to be the driver and no memory. Lengthy contested trial resulting in convictions on all counts before judge from CCC
  • R v E [2021]: “Encro” – supplying Class A, firearms and confiscation
  • R v M [2019/2021]: Lead defendant in OCG supplying guns and Class A drugs
  • R v M [2019/20 and 21]. Defending in conspiracy to cause explosions [acquittal on retrial 2021 – only defendant on that count to be acquitted]]
  • R v P [2019] : Blackmail. Lead defendant accused of blackmail of international footballer. Acquitted in face of evidence from co-accused turned “QE”.
  • R v E [2019]: Firearms. Prohibited weapons imported and converted to live firing. Users/converters received sentence 20-30 years. Defended importer of 60-70 such gas firing guns and upon a plea and significant mitigation and agreed BOP of how many could be proved to be convertible, received a SSO.
  • R v W [2018]. Defending. Acquitted. Conspiracy to possess firearms to endanger life and transfer.
  • R v B [2018]: Class A conspiracy – widespread and significant quantities class A – County Lines.
  • D Trust [2017]: Confiscation. Acted for charity as intervener in confiscation to successfully remove charity property from available assets
  • R v R [2017]: Defending in attempted murder. Acquitted.
  • R v N [2017]: Defended. 3 month trial for long running benefit fraud
  • R v G [2017]: Defended. 3 month fraud trial At Southwark – acquitted.
  • R v T (2015): Defending:  Acquittal of “hitman”.
  • R v S (The Bailey, 2015): Prosecuting for “S015”, convicted for fraud [acquitted of terrorist offences at Woolwich].
  • R v P (2014 – 2015): Defending: Undercover operation, sales / purchase firearms.
  • R v W (2013 – 2014): Defending: Gang war between brothel owners.
  • R v P (2013): Defending: Leading junior, 3 month trial: gang dispute escalates to murder; acquitted.
  • R v N (Direct Access)(2012): Appeal against confiscation order: breaches of arms embargo to Iran.
  • R v N (2011 – 2013): Alleged money laundering proceeds: european wide carbon trading fraud.
  • SOCA v S (2011): Cash forfeiture (related to SOCA v Israel Perry).
  • R v N (2011): Acquittal after trial of absent lead defendant: trafficking, rape, sexual acts with children.
  • R v Goring [2011] EWCA Crim 2: Gang murder.
  • R v Mejia [2009] EWCA Crim 1940: Confiscation, importation of cocaine from Panama: dissolved into wooden decorative doors.
  • R v Spears & McAllister [2009] EWCA Crim 1875: Pre-Waya: confiscation: argued breach “A1P1”).


  • England & Wales Bar (2003)
  • New York Bar (1996)
  • England & Wales Solicitor (1993)
  • Scotland Solicitor (1991 – 2003)

Education & Qualifications

  • LLM (International Trade, Finance & Antitrust), University College London
  • Dip LP (Edin)
  • LLB (Hons) (Edin)


  • American Bar Association
  • Criminal Bar Association
  • European Lawyers Association
  • New York State Bar Association
  • Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association
  • Scottish Lawyers Association
  • Society of English & American Lawyers

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