We are seeking to recruit practitioners, preferably with established practices, to join our Civil; Crime – prosecution (especially RASSO work) and defence; and Family Teams. All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.  Goldsmith Chambers prides itself on its low rents and its wonderful, iconic location in the Temple, with a good working and social environment and an excellent fee collection team. To apply, please send a CV with a covering letter to our Head of Chambers at


Goldsmith Chambers is a leading common-law set of 90 members, with crime, immigration, civil and family practice groups.  We are a modern, professional, and friendly set. Applications are invited for two 12-month criminal pupillages commencing October 2019. If applicants wish to apply for both 2019 and 2020 criminal pupillages, they should apply via Pupillage Gateway for a 2020 criminal pupillage and they will automatically be considered for both 2019 and 2020 criminal pupillages. If applicants wish to apply for the 2019 criminal pupillage only, this is outside Pupillage Gateway.  Application timetables match the Gateway timetable and the same information and answer to Gateway Pupillage questions should be provided in paper form as would be provided if the applicant was applying for a 2019 criminal pupillage via Gateway.  Application forms are to be provided on paper only and sent to Goldsmith Chambers FAO: Catherine Milsom, Head of Pupillage and New Tenancy Committee. After an initial shortlisting process by members of the Pupillage and Tenancy Committee, those shortlisted will be invited for interview.  The entire selection process is carried out in accordance with a transparent set of selection criteria, full details of which can be found on the Chambers website In the second six months pupils can expect to be in court frequently, conducting mainly criminal cases.  Every effort is made to prepare pupils fully for life at the Bar, including a programme of advocacy training by members of chambers.  Pupil supervisors provide regular feedback to their pupils regarding their progress. Goldsmith Chambers are accepting applications from candidates with a degree class 2:1. However, we will accept a 2:2 in extenuating circumstances. The pupillage award, which is £25K a year, is split into £12.5K first six and £12.5K guaranteed earnings second six. Pupils may draw down up to 20% of their pupillage award in the year prior to commencing pupillage. Decisions about tenancy are made at the conclusion of 12 months pupillage. The outcome of any such applications will be to offer a tenancy, not to offer a tenancy, or possibly, if it is considered there is potential, to offer a third six. Goldsmith Chambers is committed to equality of opportunity.  It is our policy to treat everybody equally and fairly, and we assess all applications on merit alone, without reference to the candidates’ race, sex, pregnancy and maternity, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, disability, age, religion or belief. Race encompasses colour, ethnic or national origin and nationality.  All applications will be treated in strictest confidence and in full compliance with the Equality and Diversity Rules of the Bar Standards Board’s Code of Conduct. GC_0825

Third Six Pupillage

We are seeking applications for both Criminal and Common law pupils. Please e-mail Catherine Milsom, Head of the Pupillage and New Tenancy Committee, at, with the subject line “Third Six Application”, and with the following documents attached:

  1. Your covering letter and CV;
  2. A print-out of your work diary covering last three months;
  3. Any references that you would like us to consider, including from solicitors and former pupil supervisors; and
  4. Our Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form (link above), should you wish to complete it. Please note that completion of this form is entirely voluntary.


A mini-pupillage with Goldsmith Chambers is an excellent opportunity to experience life in Chambers and to gain an insight into our work by shadowing barristers over the course of a week. Our mini-pupillages are not assessed and nor do we require you to have completed a mini-pupillage in chambers in order to be considered for pupillage. However, it is strongly recommended that if you are thinking of applying for pupillage at Goldsmith Chambers you undertake a mini-pupillage so that you have an opportunity to see the sort of work we do and for us to meet you. The majority of our mini-pupils will spend their time with criminal barristers. However, as we are a common law set, there may be opportunities to observe civil, immigration and family cases. Applications will only be considered from those applicants who are over 18 and have completed their first year of university studies. Mini-pupillages are available in the following periods (please note application deadlines):

  Mini-pupillage period Application deadline
Period 1 1 June – 31 July 31 March
Period 2 1 October – 30 November 31 July
Period 3 1 February – 31 March 30 November (in preceding year)

We are unable to offer mini-pupillages outside these periods. We recognise that undertaking mini-pupillages alongside work, studies, caring and other commitments can be difficult. We therefore offer mini-pupillages of varying lengths, usually 3-5 days. You are asked to specify the length of mini-pupillage sought within your application. To apply, please send the following to

  1. Completed application form
  2. Your CV (2 pages maximum)
  3. Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form (should you wish to complete it)

It is our policy to treat everyone equally and fairly and we assess all applicants on merit alone, without reference to their race, sex, pregnancy and maternity, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, disability, age, religion or belief. Race encompasses colour, ethnic or national origin and nationality. 

Staff Recruitment

Click here for more information about our vacancies. GC_0828