Archive: March 2018

Charlotte Proudman interviewed by Law Careers for an article on “Law’s gender problem: levelling the playing field for women”.

Deep-rooted male dominance and power across the legal profession holds women back, but is change for the better on the horizon? This article discusses the evidence and looks at how male dominance of senior positions and promotion pathways is related to the cultural problems that have enabled those who behave inappropriately, or worse, to operate […]

LBC radio asks Dr Charlotte Proudman whether family courts are removing children from terrorist sympathising parents

Yesterday the Justice Secretary called for family courts to remove children from radical extremist parents and place children in state care. Nick Ferrari of LBC radio asked Dr Charlotte Proudman how family courts can ensure children are safe from indoctrination within family homes.  As a family law barrister Charlotte explained the legal test required for children to be removed from […]

Charlotte Proudman interviewed by Lexis Nexis

Dr Charlotte Proudman was interviewed by Lexis Nexis on 7 March 2018 about female genital mutilation prosecutions. The article title is Female genital mutilation prosecutions: ‘A tough battle to challenge community traditions’. Human Rights barrister from Goldsmith Chambers, Dr Charlotte Proudman, agrees that understanding across the cultural and religious aspects of FGM pose a significant […]

New date for the Opinion in the CJEU case of Banger

Anthony Metzer QC and Sanaz Saifolahi, who represent Ms Banger, attended the Court in Luxembourg on 17th January 2018 for the oral hearing.  They can now confirm that the Opinion is expected to be delivered on 10th April 2018. The Upper Tribunal had referred the following questions to the CJEU for a preliminary ruling under […]


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