Acquittal – Conspiracy to cause explosions [reckless to endangering life][Operation Benson]


Meyrick Williams was successful in defending M in a conspiracy to steal and cause explosions. Yet another example of a long running and wide ranging conspiracy involving ATMs being blown up to obtain the cash inside. The A-Gs consent is needed to prosecute, it is not easily obtained and sentences are expected to be heavy. The trial was in Manchester. The first trial lasted almost 3 months last year before the Covid lockdown forced its adjournment/abandonment. The re-trial was shorter starting in May. The defendant finally faced the jury on his own as others pleaded guilty before or at trial after the jury were empanelled. Other Operations [eg OP Cass] were relied upon where similar conspiracies existed to suggest to the jury it had not been the defendant involved but others. It took the jury an hour to acquit M on 19.7.2021.

Meyrick was instructed by Maslen Merchant of Hadgkiss Hughes & Beale Solicitors, Birmingham.

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