Goldsmith Criminal Team Statement on Current CBA Action


At a recent meeting of the criminal team at Goldsmith Chambers, overwhelming support was expressed for the escalation of the current action being taken by the Criminal Bar Association.  We continue to be dismayed at the attitude of the government in refusing to implement the recommendations of the independent review of criminal legal aid which was commissioned by the government.

We urge the government to enter into negotiations with the Criminal Bar Association in order to end the current action, and to reform criminal legal aid so that the Criminal Bar is a viable and attractive career for outstanding junior barristers.  If things are allowed to carry on as they are, we will simply lose the next generation of barristers who are able enough to prosecute and defend the most serious cases, and as a consequence, the next generation of criminal judges, forever to other more lucrative careers.

Turning down cases, and refusing to attend court, goes against every instinct we have as barristers, but we remain firmly of the view that action must now be continued in order to make the government understand that the criminal justice system cannot be neglected and left to deteriorate yet further.

Those who attended the meeting of the criminal team expressed absolute confidence in the outstanding leadership shown by the officers of the Criminal Bar Association, and support for the CBA as we move forward in these difficult times. 

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