Guy Davison & Samina Iqbal write for Free Movement website


On 10th and 30th June 2021, Guy Davison‘s and Samina Iqbal‘s articles for Free Movement were published. Both Guy and Samina are senior practitioners of the immigration and public law team at Goldsmith Chambers and Samina is the joint-head of the team. Both articles provide essential guidance and practice tips concerning two difficult and tricky scenarios under EEA law, which remain relevant despite Brexit. You can access each article by clicking on the links below:

Is Grandma allowed to stay? Retained rights of residence for in-laws, by Guy Davison.

EU law rights of residence have officially come to an end. But these issues are likely to arise in the immigration tribunals for a while yet, depending on when the in-laws in question were first issued with their residence cards or family permits.

Revocation of deportation orders under EU law after Brexit, by Samina Iqbal.

Non-EU citizens can potentially have a deportation order against them revoked where they have acquired or could acquire rights as family members of EU nationals. Such opportunities will continue to be relevant to a specific group of people for some years to come.

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