Immigration & Public Law Team publish EU Settlement Flyers


Goldsmith Chambers’ immigration and public law team have published an easy-access flyer to try and help raise awareness of the need for EU nationals and their family members living in the UK to apply under the EU Settlement Scheme. The flyer has been published in English and so far, five other languages: Tamil, Italian, Polish, French and Dutch.

The leaflets were prepared by Sanaz Saifolahi, Samina Iqbal, Sarah Pinder and David Barr of the immigration and public law team and have been reviewed for accuracy as of 8th February 2021. The translations have also been facilitated by bi-lingual members of our team with volunteer help from members of our community.

You can access the English version here:

Goldsmith Chambers EUSS Leaflet English

You can access the Goldsmith Chambers EUSS Leaflet in other languages here:

EUSS Leaflet TamilEUSS Leaflet Italian

EUSS Leaflet PolishEUSS Leaflet French

EUSS Leaflet DutchEUSS Leaflet Portuguese

Disclaimer: the contents of the leaflets do not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as a substitute for legal counsel.

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