Meyrick Williams – has obtained leave to appeal conviction and sentence, June 2022 – rolling conspiracy robbing cars and armed cash in transit and other robberies 


Today the Court of Appeal confirmed that leave was granted to appeal the conviction of Meyrick’s defendant convicted by a jury of a conspiracy to rob lasting some weeks. Appeal against sentence was granted at the same time. The conspiracy involved robbery of cars used in cash in transit robberies and the robberies themselves. The defendant was linked through phone data and use of Custody Records. The appeal proceeds on the basis those records should never have been admitted before the jury as bad character, breaches of the rule against hearsay and failure to exclude this evidence under s 78 PACE 1984. The trial had lasted two weeks with witnesses for the defence and significant defence exhibits. The defendant did not give evidence but that has not been a bar. The defendant is already serving a significant sentence for robbery and the overall sentence in this case, taking account totality, is 18 years [subject to the two thirds release provision] A co-accused has been successful in obtaining leave to appeal sentence but not conviction.  

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