Dr Charlotte Proudman calls on the Home Secretary to review its decision to deport a child at risk of FGM


Last week the High Court ruled a judge could not prevent Home Secretary Sajid Javid from deporting the woman.

Barrister Charlotte Proudman said Mr Javid should show his commitment to combating FGM by not exposing the child to the risk of the crime.

The Home Office said it would not comment on “ongoing legal proceedings”.

The child is being represented by Suffolk County Council.

On Tuesday, Sir Andrew McFarlane, president of the family division of the High Court, concluded that a judge could not bar Mr Javid from deporting the girl’s mother.

He heard how the woman had links to Bahrain and Sudan.

She feared that, if she left Britain, she would end up in Sudan where her daughter would be subjected to FGM.

The court has ruled that the child cannot be identified.

Dr Proudman said: “The Home Secretary cannot on the one hand say he is committing to protecting girls against being subject to FGM yet at the same time deport this woman and put a child at risk of FGM.

“I would urge him to review this case, regardless of the judge’s ruling, and keep this child safe.

Another judge, Mr Justice Newton, is now scheduled to look at further issues in the case at a future hearing.

He is set to assess issues including the level of risk the girl faces and whether she could be protected abroad.

Mr Justice Newton has described the case as the first of its kind.


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