“Time for Justice – The Law is Broken” event and debate in the House of Commons


Seven members of Goldsmith Chambers attended the ‘Time for Justice – The Law is Broken’ event at the House of Commons on the 8th May 2018, organised by the Criminal Bar Association and Young Legal Aid Lawyers, supported by a broad coalition, comprising The Bar Council, Young Bar Association, Criminal Law Solicitors Association and the Justice Alliance.

MPs were invited to attend the event prior to the EDM debate in Parliament to revoke the Statutory Instrument on Criminal Legal Aid remuneration bringing in the new AGFS scheme.  The scheme has, so far, resulted in 90% of criminal barristers taking direct action by not accepting new instructions under the scheme.  There are currently 132 signatories to the EDM including MPs from the Labour, Green, SNP and Plaid Cymru parties.

The action is actively supported by members of Goldsmith Chambers, who believe in Justice for All with no diminution of quality.  The further cuts will also affect the pool of talent coming to the publicly funded Bar and deepens the current crisis in the criminal justice system.

Earlier last month, on 10th April 2018, chambers’ criminal practice group confirmed its support for the Criminal Bar Association’s proposals in response to the new raft of criminal legal aid cuts and you can read the announcement here.