Charlotte Proudman and Nicolette Nixon make a successful application for an FGM Protection Order in the High Court


Barrister in Family and Immigration Law Charlotte Proudman teamed up with Nicolette Nixon, Family Solicitor at Percy Short and Cuthbert to make a successful application for a Female Genital Mutilation Protection Order in the High Court today protecting a young girl at risk of FGM. Working closely with the National FGM Centre and Anti-FGM NGO FORWARD, Charlotte undertakes pro bono cases acting on behalf of young women and girls to secure protective legal remedies.

FGM Protection Orders offer a legal means to protect and safeguard victims and potential victims of FGM. FGMPOs are granted by a court and are unique to each case. They contain conditions to protect a victim or potential victim from FGM. This could include, for example, surrendering a passport to prevent the person at risk from being taken abroad for FGM or requirements that no one arranges for FGM to be performed on the person being protected.

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