Confiscation success for Charity intervenors


Meyrick Williams acted on behalf of a registered (now incorporated) charity to assert a claim to assets sought to be confiscated following a 3 month Trial for Tax Evasion and Fraud in Birmingham Crown Court.

Confiscations are usually personal claims against a Defendant but under section 10A of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, as amended by the Serous Crime Act 2015, a determination may be made against specific assets that they belong to a certain Defendant making them available and far easier to realise at the Enforcement stage. At that stage any third party Claimant may have a very limited opportunity to resist.

At the beginning of the two week Confiscation hearing Meyrick, on behalf of the charity, appeared on their behalf laying claim to well over £1m of property including property registered in the name of trustees of the charity (also Defendants) and in the name of the central Defendant as a bare trustee. He was entirely successful and the Prosecution agreed these properties would not form part of any pool of assets available for confiscation now or in the future.

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