Dr Charlotte Proudman interviewed on Sky News about the #MeToo campaign and post-Weinstein era


Dr Charlotte Proudman and an editor of the Huffington Post were interviewed by Sky News about sexual harassment in the workplace on 20 December 2017 at around 9.35am. During the interview, the participant’s discussed the need for women and men to collectively challenge sexual abuse. Charlotte argued that the onus should be placed on men in the workplace who are ordinarily in greater positions of power to hold a colleague accountable for their actions. Women often fear speaking out as they could face repercussions such as losing their job or further discrimination. However, there is also a role for women in powerful positions to support other women in the workplace. While the recent unfolding of sexual harassment cases against high profile men has been a watershed moment for the women’s movement, there is growing concern that this might lead to a broader backlash against gender equality by those who feel threatened by a shifting status quo.

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