Legal 500 – 2022


Chambers is very proud to have several of our members recognised in the 2022 edition of the Legal 500 directory.  The rankings have been published as follows:


Leading Silks

Anthony Metzer QC – ‘ A persuasive and solid advocate, who has an analytical eye for detail and demonstrates consummate professionalism. ’ Ranked: Tier 3

Rising Stars

Sarah Taylor – ‘ Sarah is a compelling advocate, who is highly committed to achieving the best outcome for her client. ’ Ranked: Tier 1

Professional Disciplinary & Regulatory Law

Rising Stars

Heather Beckett – Ranked: Tier 1

Fraud (Crime)

Leading Juniors

Dominic D’Souza – Ranked: Tier 4

Adam Gersch – ‘ A talented barrister with great tactical skills. His calm and methodical manner puts clients at ease. ’ Ranked: Tier 4

Actions Against the Police

Leading Silks

Anthony Metzer QC – Ranked: Tier 3

Children Law

Leading Juniors

Charlotte Proudman – ‘Charlotte is taking the protection of vulnerable women and children in the Family Court to the next level by a unique combination of academic rigour and unashamedly activist passion. She has made more of a contribution to changing the landscape around the conversation on violence against women and girls than any other junior at the family Bar. She is intellectually first class, an incisive advocate and absolutely fearless in vindicating the rights of some of the most vulnerable in society.‘ Ranked: Tier 5


Leading Silks

Anthony Metzer QC – ‘ Tony is quite simply a superb advocate. He is calm and approachable, and he has a remarkable ability to absorb vast amounts of complex material and to condense it into a clear and compelling argument. In court he is unflappable and in conference his strategic abilities are outstanding, making him the go-to immigration silk for complex cases. ’ Ranked: Tier 1

Charlotte Bayati – ‘ Charlotte is an outstanding advocate and has an encyclopedic knowledge of immigration and human rights law. ’

Ranked: Tier 1

Samina Iqbal – ‘ Samina is an advocate of the highest calibre, as one would expect to observe in a silk, as she is able to unravel even the most convoluted of issues presenting them in an elegant and persuasive manner. ’ Ranked: Tier 2

Sanaz Saifolahi – ‘ She is an outstanding lawyer with a superb legal intellect and excellent tactical skills. She prepares methodically leaving nothing to chance, is very hard-working and has an excellent knowledge of the relevant law. ’ Ranked: Tier 2

Guy Davison – ‘ Guy is a fearless advocate with excellent approach to simplify complex legal issues which makes everyone’s life easier. His knowledge of rapidly changing asylum, human rights and business immigration law is second to none. ’ Ranked: Tier 4

Sangeetha Iengar – ‘ Extremely hard-working, highly competent, strongly-motivated and a superb command of the relevant law reflected in written advocacy of the highest quality. ’ Ranked: Tier 4

Sarah Pinder – ‘ An absolute go-to barrister. Sarah is tactically astute and has an ability to look at a case from every possible angle. Her drafting style is exceptional. Her advocacy always strikes the right tone with judges, even in the most challenging of cases. ’ Ranked: Tier 4

Alexis Slatter – ‘ Alexis is very knowable in respect of EU law, with extensive experience in deportation cases of EU citizens. His particular strength is his ability to begin working on cases from the very onset to ensure cases are prepare for the final hearing, providing ongoing guidance and advice tailored to the individual case. ’ Ranked: Tier 4

Lawrence Youssefian – ‘ Lawrence has a reputation for fierce advocacy; quickly getting to grips with the issues in complex cases; consummate dedication to his client’s interests; and for finding solutions to what at first sight seem insoluble legal problems. ’ Ranked: Tier 4

The immigration offering at Goldsmith Chambers is described by clients as ‘an excellent and progressive set‘ that stands as ‘leaders in this area of law‘. Operating at all levels of the court and tribunal system, many of its members offer dual expertise across family and criminal law as well as specialisms in female genital mutilation, domestic violence and forced marriage. Notable case highlights include Charlotte Bayati’s representation of the claimant in SD (Sri Lanka) v SSHD, a claim regarding purported torture, and Sarah Pinder’s work in AY & Others v SSHD & SSD, a ‘systemic’ challenge to the MoD’s Commonwealth veterans policy, in which she was led by Anthony Metzer QC. Ranked: Tier 3

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