Legal 500 – 2024


Chambers is very proud to have several of our members recognised in the 2024 edition of the Legal 500 directory.  The rankings have been published as follows:


Leading Silks:

Anthony Metzer KC – Tier 3 – ‘Tony is a powerful and persuasive advocate who knows how to make a compelling argument to judges of all kinds. He is agile and adaptable in cross-examination. When taking witnesses through their own evidence, he puts them at ease and gets the best from them. His client handling skills are outstanding and he is very hands on and on top of the detail.’

Leading Juniors:

Dominic D’Souza – Tier 4 – ‘Dominic has a sharp mind and is able to grasp the most complex issues quickly and thoroughly. He has an excellent style and builds rapport with clients. Dominic has one of the best advocacy styles in court, is excellent in cross-examination and speeches.’

Fraud: Crime

Leading Juniors:

Dominic D’Souza – Tier 3 –  ‘Dominic is a legend in legal circles with his forensic mind and quick wit. He is excellent with clients and can think on his feet in the most difficult and complex of cases.’

Adam Gersch – Tier 4

Family: Divorce and Financial Remedy

Leading Juniors:

Victoria Wilson – Tier 4 –  ‘She reads her cases very well and leaves no stone unturned. In court, she is confident and judges can see how much work she has put in.

Family: Children and Domestic Abuse

Leading Juniors:

Charlotte Proudman – Tier 3 – ‘Charlotte is an excellent and fearless advocate. She is extremely hard-working, produces excellent cogent submissions, is wonderful with clients, is a great team player and is a superb talent. She is also a highly-regarded academic.’

Ranked: Tier 3

Sharin Diegan – Tier 6 –  ‘Shárin is a strong, convincing and confident advocate. She works very well with vulnerable clients in particular, showing sensitivity and maturity throughout.’

Police Law (Claimant)

Leading Silks:

Anthony Metzer KC – Tier 2 – ‘Unparalleled advocacy and expertise, arising from representing in both civil and criminal, prosecution and defense. Remarkably approachable and amenable given seniority. Urbane and practical with clients.’

Administrative Law and Human Rights

Leading Silks:

Anthony Metzer KC – Tier 3 – ‘A silk with a dynamic approach to his cases.’

Clinical Negligence

Leading Juniors:

Heather Beckett – Tier 4 – Heather has an unmatched ability to absorb complex medical and dental issues and to quickly get to the core of a difficult case by identifying key issues.’


Ranked Team – Tier 3 – Goldsmith Chambers has a wealth of experience in immigration public law challenges, and is able to deploy the cross-disciplinary expertise of its teams, particularly in civil, family, and criminal law, to handle cases at such intersections of those fields. The chambers draws on a number of impressive juniors, such as Charlotte Bayati, who has brought a challenge on the correct approach post-AM (Zimbabwe) in the Supreme Court as to the remit of medical experts; Samina Iqbal works in relation to unlawful detention claims; and Julian Norman being led by Anthony Metzer KC in a claim on behalf of a Ukrainian seeking refugee status having evaded conscription in OS (Ukraine) v SSHD.

Leading Silks:

Anthony Metzer KC – Tier 1 – ‘Anthony has an exceptional eye for detail and his preparation is meticulous and precise. His oral advocacy is laser focussed. He is a natural and gifted silk.’

Leading Juniors:

Charlotte Bayati – Tier 1 – ‘Charlotte’s preparation is meticulous beyond belief and she knows every comma in the bundle. Charlotte has a remarkable ability to keep calm in very stressful situations and have a calming effect on others. She is composed and reasonable and has an excellent gift to carry the message across.

Sanaz Saifolahi – Tier 2 – ‘Sanaz is an outstanding lawyer. She prepares her submissions fastidiously and they are invariably cogent and persuasive. She has an excellent knowledge of relevant case law and statutory guidance and is impressive both on paper and in court.’

Samina Iqbal – Tier 2 –  ‘She is a highly effective advocate. Cogent paper submissions and excellent manner in court. Very good team player and wonderful with lay and professional clients.’

Sarah Pinder – Tier 3 – ‘Outstanding advocate with an ever-calm approach. Reliable, resourceful and works collaboratively with instructing solicitors. She is a dynamic personality who keeps update with all aspects of the law.’  

Sangeetha Iengar – Tier 3 – ‘Sangeetha is a superb lawyer. She has fantastic grasp of all relevant legal concepts. She has a first-class mind and drafts excellent, cogent and persuasive submissions.’

Julian Norman – Tier 4 –  ‘Julian is an impressive advocate with an excellent command of the relevant law and good tactical acumen as to how best to deploy the facts to maximum advantage. She has built up a very good practice, is very good with lay and professional clients and an excellent team player.’

Lawrence Youssefian – Tier 4 –  ‘Lawrence has an encyclopaedic knowledge of immigration law. He displays complete dedication to his clients and leaves no stone unturned in ensuring he gets the right result for them.

Alexis Slatter – Tier 4 –  ‘He is very personable and much liked by clients. His ability to draft grounds very quickly is impressive and they have always been of a high quality, getting straight to the core of the issue.’

Guy Davison – Tier 4 – ‘He is a walking encyclopaedia of the ever-changing immigration law. He truly assists the vourt by presenting the most complex arguments in a straightforward and succinct manner.’

Rising Stars – Pierre Georget – Tier 1 – Pierre is very knowledgeable and very detailed in his assessments.’


My main point of contact is Neil Dinsdale who is head clerk for the immigration team. He is very helpful and efficient and always offers practical measures depending on circumstances that arise.’

Very approachable friendly clerks, excellent team work, their ethos is quality in everything they do.

I regularly instruct Goldsmith Chambers on our immigration matters. They are an excellent set and I have been impressed by all the barristers I have instructed. They have a decent-sized team who have been able to cover the full spectrum of issues.

Goldsmith Chambers is an excellent set with counsels of the highest calibre and very efficient clerking.

Very friendly clerks.


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