Victoria Wilson selected for the Bar Council Leadership Programme


Chambers is delighted to announce that Victoria Wilson has been selected for the inaugural Bar Council Leadership Programme, which is intended to facilitate a powerful network of new leaders, now and in the future.

The programme provides an opportunity for barristers to consider the role they can play within their practice areas, chambers, the Bar and wider legal profession, as well as in society in general to create a positive and inclusive culture.

Barristers must reflect the society they serve, and they must be trusted by the public. Barristers have a key role to play – individually and collectively – in shaping, defining and strengthening a culture of inclusion. Creating such a culture requires leadership and a shared sense of purpose. The Bar Council Leadership Programme helps to achieve that for individuals and the Bar in general.

Amanda Pinto QC, Chair of the Bar, describes the programme as enabling the chosen barristers “to benefit from an organised, enjoyable and challenging personal and professional development programme. The select group of barristers will not only learn to fulfil their personal potential, but to spread what they have learned and the skills and attitudes they have acquired to other practitioners. They will be instrumental in driving forward a positive, open and inclusive culture across the Bar”.


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