What do barristers do in the pandemic lockdown! Plenty of gardening, regular walks in the park, a time for reassessment upon life, reflections, contemplations upon the current challenging climate. Wellbeing has played a major role in the challenges of getting through the pandemic, the difficult times with increasing amount of isolation, anxiety for the future.

It is this sense of isolation that a feeling of wanting to give back to the community which has played a significant role in addressing isolation; feelings of anxiety, of being connected to the wider community.  Stephen Page’s voluntary work within a hospital setting at the height of the pandemic, with increasing numbers of infections of COVID-19, presented many challenges in relation to supporting both patients and medical staff throughout this period.

With increasing levels of infections during the pandemic, Stephen applied to the NHS and was presented with a role at UCLH. The initial training course provided by UCLH upon infection control, safer working environment, gave him a good grounding in effectively supporting patients and medical staff in fighting COVID -19. Being presented with this opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives, at their most vulnerable, was a most rewarding, fulfilling and heartening experience which impacted enormously upon Stephen’s wellbeing.

During Stephen’s volunteer work, he found it uplifting and a joy to be part of the vaccine role out at UCLH where he could see the optimism, the realisation, the belief that this was a turning point in the pandemic. 

You can read a snapshot of Stephen’s personal experience by clicking on the link to: ‘Counsel Magazine’, page 47.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

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