Webinar – Brexit, Appendix EU (FP) and over theEU Settlement Bridge


Goldsmith’s immigration and public law team were delighted to collaborate with the3million on a third webinar, as part of our Brexit Spring 2021 mini-webinar series. Together they sought to unravel some of the difficulties around the EU Settlement Scheme, its processes and gaps as well as the immigration exemption in Subject Access Bureau requests.

You can access a copy of the presentation slides here for Samina and Sarah’s presentations and here for Luke’s. You can view the recording by clicking on the link immediately below.

The joint heads of the immigration and public law team, Samina Iqbal and Sarah Pinder, provide further detail on the EU Settlement Scheme, continuing with where we left on the webinar recorded on 18th February ‘Unravelling Difficulties in the EU Settlement Scheme’. This includes applications made from outside the UK under Appendix EU (FP), discretions within and post-EU Settlement Scheme and grounds under the Withdrawal Agreement. Luke Piper, head of policy at the3million, looks at the immigration exemption for data requests and disclosures.

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