Webinar – Hamid Courts: How best to avoid them & Tips if you can’t!


As part of our Goldsmith immigration and public law team’s Spring 2021 Webinar Series, Head of Chambers Anthony Metzer QC together with senior practitioner Emma Harris presented this webinar on 4th March 2021.

You can access a copy of the presentation slides here and the additional hand-out here. To view the recording, click on the link immediately below.

In this webinar, Anthony and Emma cover:

o The circumstances in which Hamid Courts are likely to be convened against legal practitioners,

o The process that has been developed by the Administrative Court over time for dealing with these cases,

o Best practice in order to reduce the risk of becoming involved in a Hamid hearing, with a particular focus on urgent injunctions, and

o Tips on how best to react if you do become involved in Hamid proceedings with reference to a recent case in which Anthony Metzer QC appeared.

Related barristers: Emma Harris, Anthony Metzer QC

Related practice areas: Immigration and Public Law


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