Year in review: Dr Charlotte Proudman looks back on the highs and lows for feminism in the legal profession


This has been another momentous year for feminism and the legal profession in the UK. The last 12 months has been a time of both progress and regression for the feminist movement. Feminists have been working for decades to challenge gender injustice and inequality that persists under the law. Has 2017 brought us any closer to achieving gender equality? Barrister Dr Charlotte Proudman outlines five highs and lows from 2017 for Chambers and Partners Diversity that include 1. Baroness Hale appointed as the first woman supreme court president; 2. Gender inequality pervasive amongst the judiciary; 3. Sexual harassment in the legal profession; 4. Key challenges for BAME lawyers; 5. Diversity can set law firms apart in a competitive market. To read more click here.

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