Dr Charlotte Proudman and Frank Feehan QC represent private foster carers in public law children fact-finding hearing

Dr Charlotte Proudman was led by Frank Feehan QC of 1KBW in a public law children fact-finding hearing in which they represented private foster carers before Newton J – London Borough of Barnet v KM, TW, JS, JB [2018] EWHC 1473 (Fam). The child had been privately fostered for over four years. During this time, the carers allege the mother abandoned the child, which was proven during the fact-finding. However, the mother alleged the carers refused to return the child to her care.
The carers’ alleged the local authority breached its duties under the private fostering regulations, which the judge upheld as fact. The Judge also criticised the local authority and the social worker for failing to comply with the regulations. Newton J gave guidance to local authorities on the necessity of complying with private fostering regulations.