Dr Charlotte Proudman quoted in Independent article about forced marriage and FGM


Girls ‘at heightened risk’ of FGM and forced marriage as police not told of protection orders

Some children have been removed from country in breach of protection orders before safeguarding measures can be enforced

Charlotte Proudman, a leading barrister who specialises in FGM cases, agreed with Mr Singh. She said: “The courts should be responsible for notifying police and the police should have responsibility of serving the order otherwise significant delays can ensue during which time girls could be cut or forced into a marriage.”

She added the previous system had been “haphazard,” citing a recent example of a client she represented pro bono after they failed to secure legal aid.

“I went to court for a woman to protect her young daughter from having FGM performed on her by her paternal family,” she said. ”An order was granted, but the woman had no financial means to pay someone to serve it.

“In this case, the High Court judge said we should contact the police but they told us it was not their responsibility which resulted in delays. Eventually the woman took out a loan, but if the onus was on the police to serve these orders we would not have these gaps leaving girls at risk.”

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