Dr Charlotte Proudman wins Legal Debate of 2018: Why quotas are the only solution to gender equality in the workplace


Four big names from the world of law, media and politics came together at ‘The Legal Debates 2018’, a Thomson Reuters event in London to debate how to bring an end to gender inequality in the workplace on 19 September 2018.

Charlotte Proudman and Catherine Mayer persuade an audience of lawyers that the extreme option is the only way to boost the number of women in senior positions. Quotas are the only solution to gender equality in the workplace, or at least that’s what an audience of lawyers were swayed to believe.

But before the discussion got underway, members of the audience were asked, via an online poll, whether they agreed or disagreed with the following motion: ‘Quotas are the only solution to gender equality in the workplace.’

Arguing for the motion was co-founder of the Women’s Equality Party Catherine Mayer and Goldsmith Chambers barrister Charlotte Proudman. Meanwhile, BBC journalist Justin Webb and Thomson Reuters’ chief privacy officer Vivienne Artz argued against. Next up, Proudman. “I am an angry feminist and I am not going to apologise for that,” the pro-quota barrister told the audience.

Having heard both sides of the argument, the follow-up poll revealed the audience opinion had shifted — 57.5% for quotas and 42.5% against. Mayer and Proudman were pronounced the winners.

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