Goldsmith Barristers have extensive experience in their respective practice areas providing expert legal advice and quality advocacy services. Please contact one of our clerks who will be able to help you find the right barrister for your case.

Victoria Wilson – Joint Head of Chambers Victoria Wilson – Joint Head of Chambers
Victoria Wilson – Joint Head of Chambers Year of Call: 2002 Call on 020 7353 6802

Victoria practises in family law. She is a skilful, effective advocate and inspires complete confidence due to her total command of the issues in every case. She is often commended for “the calm,...

Dingle Clark Dingle Clark
Dingle Clark Year of Call: 1981 Call on 020 7353 6802

Dingle Clark has a wide ranging Common Law practice. He deals with all aspects of Child and Family law. His previous experience as a Coroner means he takes a particular interest in medico legal...

Stuart Whitehouse Stuart Whitehouse
Stuart Whitehouse Year of Call: 1987 Call on 020 7353 6802

Stuart is a very experienced civil and family practitioner. Stuart is qualified to undertake direct access work and is happy to offer fixed fee initial case assessments.

Pamilla Gill Pamilla Gill
Pamilla Gill Year of Call: 1989 Call on 020 7353 6802

Pamilla has a wide range of experience in family law cases. Pamilla is IATC qualified to undertake advocacy training and teaches trainee barristers on the BPTC and is an External Examiner for the...

Tracey McLevy Tracey McLevy
Tracey McLevy Year of Call: 1993 Call on 020 7353 6802

Tracey now specialises in Family law, having previously had a wide early practice including civil and criminal law, to appellate level. Tracey is qualified to accept instructions from members of...

Hilary Pollock Hilary Pollock
Hilary Pollock Year of Call: 1993 Call on 020 7353 6802

Hilary has an established practice in family law. Hilary is qualified to accept instructions from members of the public, via the direct access scheme.

Chris Brennan Chris Brennan
Chris Brennan Year of Call: 1995 Call on

Chris specialises in all aspects of child and family work including public and private law. He initially qualified and practiced as a solicitor before transferring to the Bar in 1995. Chris joined...

Lesley Jones Lesley Jones
Lesley Jones Year of Call: 1995 Call on

Lesley Jones began her career at the bar at a common law set of chambers where she undertook Family and Criminal cases.  As her career progressed she specialised in Criminal cases for many years as...

Julie Okine Julie Okine
Julie Okine Year of Call: 1996 Call on 020 7353 6802

Julie is a specialist Family & Child Law Practitioner. She has extensive experience as a Junior and of cases where she has been led by Queens Counsel. Julie is well regarded for her sensitive...

Linda Turnbull Linda Turnbull
Linda Turnbull Year of Call: 1998 Call on

Linda has a very busy family and immigration practice; often her cases involve both areas of law. Linda is well respected for her thorough preparation and attention to detail. Linda's family...

Melissa Millin Melissa Millin
Melissa Millin Year of Call: 1999 Call on 020 7353 6802

Melissa was called in 1999 and is a member of Grays Inn. She commenced pupillage and initial tenancy at 3 Temple Gardens. Melissa initially specialised in crime but has been accepting family cases...

Soraya Pascoe Soraya Pascoe
Soraya Pascoe Year of Call: 1999 Call on

Soraya’s main areas of practice are family law (public and private, both children matters and finance), immigration and public law. She has expertise in matters concerning international,...

Samina Iqbal Samina Iqbal
Samina Iqbal Year of Call: 1999 Call on 020 7353 6802

  Samina is a senior public law and immigration practitioner with over 20 years’ experience. Since 2000, Samina specialises in immigration law with a background in family law. ...

Dr Marcia Persaud Dr Marcia Persaud
Dr Marcia Persaud Year of Call: 2000 Call on

Marcia is a rounded common law barrister, who is an active advocate in the High Court and County Court. Despite her obvious interest in Clinical/Medical Negligence litigation, Marcia’s main...

Samantha Davies Samantha Davies
Samantha Davies Year of Call: 2003 Call on

Samantha practises in White Collar Crime, Extradition and Family law. Samantha combines her expertise in criminal law with an interest in human rights. She is a white-collar crime specialist and...

Sarah Pinder Sarah Pinder
Sarah Pinder Year of Call: 2006 Call on 020 7353 6802

Sarah practises in public law with particular expertise in immigration and asylum.  Sarah is also developing her practice in community care, social welfare, mental health and capacity law and...

Bronwen Jones Bronwen Jones
Bronwen Jones Year of Call: 2009 Call on 020 7353 6802

Bronwen specialises in asylum and immigration and children family law.

Joanna Gillan Joanna Gillan
Joanna Gillan Year of Call: 2010 Call on 020 7353 6802

Joanna is a specialist Family barrister dealing with Child Arrangement Orders and Finance cases (with various complexities, including, jurisdictional issues, intermediaries, mental health complexities...

Dr Charlotte Proudman Dr Charlotte Proudman
Dr Charlotte Proudman Year of Call: 2010 Call on 020 7353 6802

Charlotte is an award-winning barrister with an extensive practice in complex trials and appellate cases, often encompassing ground-breaking points of law. Ranked as Legal 500’s Leading Junior,...

Oliver Newman Oliver Newman
Oliver Newman Year of Call: 2010 Call on 020 7353 6802

Oliver is a common law practitioner with specialisms in fraud and property law. He is known for his forensic approach, ensuring that no detail is missed. He is frequently praised for his...

Elisabeth  Traugott Elisabeth  Traugott
Elisabeth Traugott Year of Call: 2011 Call on

Elisabeth is a passionate advocate who strives to give voice and agency to her clients. Calm, tactical, and tenacious, she has a commanding grasp of relevant law and applies it concisely and...

Ngaa Zivuku Ngaa Zivuku
Ngaa Zivuku Year of Call: 2011 Call on 020 7353 6802

Ngaa is a friendly and approachable advocate who fearlessly and effectively represents her clients. She is particularly noted for the manner in which she is able to handle vulnerable and anxious...

Jamila Hassan Jamila Hassan
Jamila Hassan Year of Call: 2011 Call on 020 7353 6802

Jamila is a specialist family and children law barrister, with particular emphasis on public and private children cases. She also accepts instructions on financial remedy and protective orders under...

Sarah Memmi Sarah Memmi
Sarah Memmi Year of Call: 2013 Call on

Sarah has a busy and varied criminal practice appearing in the Crown Court. She also practises in family law, representing clients in children proceedings, both private and care, as well as Family Law...

Christabel Fearon Christabel Fearon
Christabel Fearon Year of Call: 2014 Call on 020 7353 6802

Christabel is a specialist family law practitioner with a strong interest in securing justice for each person she represents. She remains mindful of the intense stress that litigation and the court...

Jeremy Frost Jeremy Frost
Jeremy Frost Year of Call: 2018 Call on

Jeremy accepts instructions in London, the South East, the Midlands, and Manchester. Jeremy was called to the Bar in 2018, and has already begun to build a successful mixed practice. Since joining...

Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson
Hannah Wilson Year of Call: 2019 Call on

Hannah Wilson is a barrister at Goldsmith Chambers. Prior to coming to the Bar, Hannah worked as a law reporter for the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting and as an attorney for Women’s Link...

Sara Wyeth Sara Wyeth
Sara Wyeth Year of Call: 2013 Call on 020 7353 6802

Sara joined Goldsmith Chambers after successful completion of her pupillage. She is developing a busy practice across Chambers' main practice areas. Sara is developing a reputation as a fearless...

David Mendes Da Costa David Mendes Da Costa
David Mendes Da Costa Year of Call: 1976 Call on

David has practiced as a family lawyer and civil barrister since 1980. He has extensive experience at all levels of the family court system, whether initial hearing, trials or appeals. His practice...


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