Goldsmith Barristers have extensive experience in their respective practice areas providing expert legal advice and quality advocacy services. Please contact one of our clerks who will be able to help you find the right barrister for your case.

Anthony Metzer KC Anthony Metzer KC
Anthony Metzer KC Year of Call: 1987 QC: 2013 Call on 020 7353 6802

Anthony Metzer KC is a highly regarded silk known for his committed and forensically-detailed approach to his practice.  He specialises in crime; immigration; Claimant civil actions against the...

Matthew Sowerby Matthew Sowerby
Matthew Sowerby Year of Call: 1987 Call on

Matthew Sowerby specialises in Human Rights and Immigration Law. His clients can expect to obtain comprehensive, realistic and practical advice and representation in relation to any aspect of...

Michael Murphy Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy Year of Call: 1992 Call on

Michael was called to the Bar in 1992 and is a member of the Inner Temple. Throughout his career at the Bar, Michael has been instructed in many areas of law, including family, crime and...

Paul Richardson Paul Richardson
Paul Richardson Year of Call: 1993 Call on

Paul Richardson is a highly successful immigration barrister. Paul has 27 years of experience and is a seasoned advocate and expert tactician. He has a high success rate and a reputation for...

Rajesh Rai Rajesh Rai
Rajesh Rai Year of Call: 1993 Call on

Rajesh is meticulous in his preparation, practical in the advice he gives and bold in his advocacy. He is a well-regarded and experienced barrister who has practised immigration, human rights and...

Reuben Solomon Reuben Solomon
Reuben Solomon Year of Call: 1993 Call on 020 7353 6802

Reuben is an established public law practitioner, who specialises in the field of immigration, asylum, nationality, human rights and animal rights law. Reuben undertakes cases on both a publicly and...

Pearl Yong Pearl Yong
Pearl Yong Year of Call: 1993 Call on 020 7353 6802

Pearl was an Independent Financial Adjudicator and Cost Assessor, and reviewed funding decisions, in immigration and family appeals to the Tribunal, Administrative Court, Court of Appeal and the...

Daniel Coleman Daniel Coleman
Daniel Coleman Year of Call: 1994 Call on

Daniel Coleman is a well established practitioner and he appears at all levels in Immigration law cases. Daniel is committed to appellate work and has a special interest in cases involving both...

Frances Allen Frances Allen
Frances Allen Year of Call: 1995 Call on 020 7353 6802

Frances practises in public law with particular expertise in immigration and asylum, mental health and capacity, inquests (representing interested persons) and animal rights law. Frances also advises...

Navaz Bustani Navaz Bustani
Navaz Bustani Year of Call: 1995 Call on 020 7353 6802

Navaz specialises in all areas of Immigration and Nationality Law, and Human Rights within the immigration context.

Charlotte Bayati Charlotte Bayati
Charlotte Bayati Year of Call: 1995 Call on 020 7353 6802

Charlotte practises exclusively in immigration, asylum and nationality law at all levels of the tribunal and higher courts. Charlotte is recommended in the Legal 500 2024 edition in the highest Tier...

Linda Turnbull Linda Turnbull
Linda Turnbull Year of Call: 1998 Call on

Linda has a very busy family and immigration practice; often her cases involve both areas of law. Linda is well respected for her thorough preparation and attention to detail. Linda's family...

Guy Davison Guy Davison
Guy Davison Year of Call: 1998 Call on

Guy Davison has undertaken work in relation to all aspects of Human Rights and Immigration Law.  Guy has been recognised by the Legal 500 2018 edition as a Leading Junior in Band 4...

Catherine Bexson Catherine Bexson
Catherine Bexson Year of Call: 1999 Call on 0207 353 6802

Catherine was Called to the Bar in 1999 and is an established practitioner specialising in Public and International Human Rights Law. She has over twenty years of experience in the First Tier and...

Melissa Millin Melissa Millin
Melissa Millin Year of Call: 1999 Call on 020 7353 6802

Melissa was called in 1999 and is a member of Grays Inn. She commenced pupillage and initial tenancy at 3 Temple Gardens. Melissa initially specialised in crime but has been accepting family cases...

Soraya Pascoe Soraya Pascoe
Soraya Pascoe Year of Call: 1999 Call on

Soraya’s main areas of practice are family law (public and private, both children matters and finance), immigration and public law. She has expertise in matters concerning international,...

Samina Iqbal Samina Iqbal
Samina Iqbal Year of Call: 1999 Call on 020 7353 6802

  Samina is a senior public law and immigration practitioner with over 20 years’ experience. Since 2000, Samina specialises in immigration law with a background in family law. ...

Joseph Plowright Joseph Plowright
Joseph Plowright Year of Call: 1999 Call on

Joe has considerable experience in representing clients before the First-tier Tribunal, the Upper Tribunal, the High Court and the Court of Appeal.  He is a fee paid Judge of the First-tier Tribunal...

Amarjit Seehra Amarjit Seehra
Amarjit Seehra Year of Call: 1999 Call on 020 7353 6802

Amarjit is a specialist immigration practitioner and a senior member of the Immigration and Public Law team with nearly 20 years’ experience at the Bar. Throughout her career, Amarjit has been...

Alexis Slatter Alexis Slatter
Alexis Slatter Year of Call: 1999 Call on 020 7353 6802

Alexis is a Public Law practitioner specialising in Immigration and Asylum Law.  He has been consistently ranked as a leading junior in the Legal 500 where he is described as follows:  ‘He is...

Dr Marcia Persaud Dr Marcia Persaud
Dr Marcia Persaud Year of Call: 2000 Call on

Marcia is a rounded common law barrister, who is an active advocate in the High Court and County Court. Despite her obvious interest in Clinical/Medical Negligence litigation, Marcia’s main...

Sanaz Saifolahi Sanaz Saifolahi
Sanaz Saifolahi Year of Call: 2000 Call on 020 7353 6802

Sanaz is ranked as a leading junior within Legal 500 2024 edition (Band 2- immigration) and within Chambers & Partners 2024 edition (Band 4-immigration). She is an established practitioner within...

Rita Sethi Rita Sethi
Rita Sethi Year of Call: 2000 Call on 020 7353 6802

Rita's motivation for a career in Law arose from her lengthy campaigning background on equality and anti-discrimination issues. Rita is a former Solicitor, having completed her solicitors training...

Shahnawaz Khan Shahnawaz Khan
Shahnawaz Khan Year of Call: 2001 Call on

Shahnawaz Khan’s practice is divided into three areas: Criminal Defence, Immigration and Landlord & Tenancy. Shahnawaz hopes to supplement his practice by undertaking pro bono work. He is...

Jane Heybroek Jane Heybroek
Jane Heybroek Year of Call: 2003 Call on 020 7353 6802

Jane specialises in all aspects of Immigration, Nationality and Asylum Law, and has represented private and publicly-funded clients in the following fields: Asylum Family Reunion Entry Clearance ...

Sarah Pinder Sarah Pinder
Sarah Pinder Year of Call: 2006 Call on 020 7353 6802

Sarah practises in public law with particular expertise in immigration and asylum.  Sarah is also developing her practice in community care, social welfare, mental health and capacity law and...

Krystelle Wass Krystelle Wass
Krystelle Wass Year of Call: 2007 Call on

Krystelle has a mixed practice, encompassing immigration, refugee and asylum and public law. She also has particular expertise in disclosure matters, specifically in large serious fraud cases. She...

Sara Anzani Sara Anzani
Sara Anzani Year of Call: 2008 Call on

Sara is an experienced human rights and public law practitioner specialising in all areas of immigration, asylum and nationality law.  Sara also has a keen interest in public law challenges to police...

Sangeetha Iengar Sangeetha Iengar
Sangeetha Iengar Year of Call: 2009 Call on

Sangeetha is an award-winning public law practitioner with over 15 years of experience as a specialist in asylum, immigration and international human rights law. She has carved her niche at the Bar by...

Bronwen Jones Bronwen Jones
Bronwen Jones Year of Call: 2009 Call on 020 7353 6802

Bronwen specialises in asylum and immigration and children family law.

Dr Charlotte Proudman Dr Charlotte Proudman
Dr Charlotte Proudman Year of Call: 2010 Call on 020 7353 6802

Charlotte is an award-winning barrister with an extensive practice in complex trials and appellate cases, often encompassing ground-breaking points of law. Ranked as Legal 500’s Leading Junior,...

Jamil Dhanji Jamil Dhanji
Jamil Dhanji Year of Call: 2010 Call on 0207 353 6802

Jamil is a public and human rights lawyer, specialising in personal and business immigration, international protection and nationality law.  He has over a decade’s experience representing...

Kezia Tobin Kezia Tobin
Kezia Tobin Year of Call: 2010 Call on 020 7353 6802

Kezia practices in all areas of immigration, asylum and nationality law and regularly appears in the First Tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal and Court of Appeal. In addition to representing clients in the...

Amanda Walker Amanda Walker
Amanda Walker Year of Call: 2011 Call on 020 7353 6802

Amanda specialises in immigration law. Amanda moved to Goldsmith Chambers from Mansfield Chambers in October 2015. Prior to coming to the Bar, Amanda worked in the field of immigration and...

Jamila Hassan Jamila Hassan
Jamila Hassan Year of Call: 2011 Call on 020 7353 6802

Jamila is a specialist family and children law barrister, with particular emphasis on public and private children cases. She also accepts instructions on financial remedy and protective orders under...

Emma Harris Emma Harris
Emma Harris Year of Call: 2011 Call on 020 7353 6802

Emma’s is an experienced practitioner specialising in commercial litigation, contractual disputes, property litigation (including landlord and tenant and housing law) and actions against the police....

Julian Norman Julian Norman
Julian Norman Year of Call: 2012 Call on

Julian has specialised in immigration law since 2002. After ten years working in private practice, initially as a paralegal and then qualifying as a solicitor in 2007, she was called to the Bar in...

Lawrence Youssefian Lawrence Youssefian
Lawrence Youssefian Year of Call: 2013 Call on

Lawrence is a public law practitioner, and specialises in UK immigration, asylum and nationality matters. He has a busy practice representing individuals in the First-tier and Upper Tribunal, as well...

Araniya Kogulathas Araniya Kogulathas
Araniya Kogulathas Year of Call: 2014 Call on

Araniya is a conscientious and tenacious advocate who provides advice and representation in all areas of immigration and asylum law and public law. Prior to joining Chambers, Araniya was a Legal...

George Symes George Symes
George Symes Year of Call: 2015 Call on

George has extensive experience dealing with Immigration, Asylum, Administrative, and Civil Law and is accepting instructions in all these fields. George previously worked for the Government Legal...

Joseph Byrne Joseph Byrne
Joseph Byrne Year of Call: 2016 Call on

Joseph is an immigration, civil and public law barrister with a particular focus on human rights and asylum law, public inquiries and actions against the police. He is known for combining rigorous...

Pierre Georget Pierre Georget
Pierre Georget Year of Call: 2017 Call on

Pierre is a specialist immigration and human rights barrister with over 5 years’ experience practising in the field of immigration and asylum, as both a Level 3 OISC-accredited advocate and since...

Jeremy Frost Jeremy Frost
Jeremy Frost Year of Call: 2018 Call on

Jeremy accepts instructions in London, the South East, the Midlands, and Manchester. Jeremy was called to the Bar in 2018, and has already begun to build a successful mixed practice. Since joining...

Shiraz Bhanji Shiraz Bhanji
Shiraz Bhanji Year of Call: 1979 Call on

Shiraz Bhanji is an experienced practitioner across all areas of crime, employment, immigration and public law. During the late nineties Shiraz pursued interest in rural communities in Kenya...


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