Goldsmith Barristers have extensive experience in their respective practice areas providing expert legal advice and quality advocacy services. Please contact one of our clerks who will be able to help you find the right barrister for your case.

Anthony Metzer QC Anthony Metzer QC
Anthony Metzer QC Year of Call: 1987 QC: 2013 Call on 020 7353 6802

Anthony Metzer QC, Head of Chambers, is a highly regarded silk known for his committed and forensically-detailed approach to his practice.  He specialises in crime; immigration; Claimant civil...

Roderick Johnson QC Roderick Johnson QC
Roderick Johnson QC Year of Call: 1975 QC: 2006 Call on 020 7353 6802

Roderick Johnson has, for over a decade, practised almost exclusively as leading counsel for the defence in large, complex and high-profile cases - specialising particularly in cases involving drugs,...

Gordon Cole QC Gordon Cole QC
Gordon Cole QC Year of Call: 1979 QC: 2006 Call on

Gordon specialises in all serious crime including murder, manslaughter, drugs, fraud, police corruption and serious sexual abuse. He has specialised in crime for over 40 years and has both...

Robert Meikle Robert Meikle
Robert Meikle Year of Call: 1970 Call on 020 7353 6802

Robert is a very highly experienced specialist criminal advocate.

Notu Hoon Notu Hoon
Notu Hoon Year of Call: 1975 Call on 020 7353 6802

Notu is a specialist criminal barrister, with over 30 years experience.

James Dean James Dean
James Dean Year of Call: 1977 Call on 020 7353 6802

James practises mainly in crime, in all areas of criminal work. He is also experienced in immigration law, personal injury, professional negligence, administrative law / judicial review, mental...

Jerry Hayes Jerry Hayes
Jerry Hayes Year of Call: 1977 Call on 020 7353 6802

Jerry is a leading junior criminal practitioner specialising in high profile homicide, large scale drug importations, rape and serious sexual offences, fraud, money laundering and people trafficking....

Dingle Clark Dingle Clark
Dingle Clark Year of Call: 1981 Call on 020 7353 6802

Dingle Clark has a wide ranging Common Law practice. He deals with all aspects of Child and Family law. His previous experience as a Coroner means he takes a particular interest in medico legal...

Simon Ward Simon Ward
Simon Ward Year of Call: 1984 Call on 020 7353 6802

Shortly after qualifying as a barrister, Simon spent several years in the City working as a tax consultant with the Solicitors, Coward Chance (as they then were) and the chartered accountants,...

Juliann Manson Juliann Manson
Juliann Manson Year of Call: 1985 Call on

Juliann was called to the Bar in 1985. Juliann initially specialised in Crime and Licensing but accepted Family cases from 1991. Since around 2000 she has specialised in Family cases. Criminal...

Dominic Bell Dominic Bell
Dominic Bell Year of Call: 1992 Call on

Dominic Bell has practised exclusively in criminal litigation for the last 27 years and appears exclusively for the defence. Dominic’s practice is that of serious crime and he now invariably acts as...

Adam Gersch Adam Gersch
Adam Gersch Year of Call: 1993 Call on 020 7353 6802

Adam is an experienced and sought-after advocate and impressive senior counsel with a diverse practice and experience in a range of international jurisdictions.  Adam's expertise in fraud cases has...

Dominic D’Souza Dominic D’Souza
Dominic D’Souza Year of Call: 1993 Call on 020 7353 6802

Dominic is a specialist criminal defence practitioner, most often instructed as leading junior counsel in very high profile cases. His spectacular results for clients have resulted in him being...

Catherine Milsom Catherine Milsom
Catherine Milsom Year of Call: 1994 Call on 020 7353 6802

Catherine has an exclusively criminal practice; the majority of which involves prosecuting rape and other serious sexual offences. In addition, she regularly prosecutes cases of serious offences of...

Nicholas Wayne Nicholas Wayne
Nicholas Wayne Year of Call: 1994 Call on 020 7353 6802

Nicholas is an experienced barrister who has been instructed in numerous high-profile, challenging and complex cases, as both junior and leading counsel. Nicholas is fully accredited for direct...

Dominic Cox Dominic Cox
Dominic Cox Year of Call: 1994 Call on 020 7353 6802

Dominic speciliases in criminal defence work, including; fraud, armed robbery, murder, sex cases, large-scale drugs importation, violence against the person and terrorism.

Lesley Jones Lesley Jones
Lesley Jones Year of Call: 1995 Call on

Lesley Jones began her career at the bar at a common law set of chambers where she undertook Family and Criminal cases.  As her career progressed she specialised in Criminal cases for many years as...

Phillip Lucas Phillip Lucas
Phillip Lucas Year of Call: 1995 Call on 020 7353 6802

Phillip Lucas specialises in defending all types of Road Traffic cases and is considered to be pre-eminent in this field. He was called to the Bar in 1995 and has focussed exclusively on motoring law...

Alex Wright Alex Wright
Alex Wright Year of Call: 1997 Call on 020 7353 6802

Alex is an experienced criminal practitioner who appears for the defence in cases of the utmost gravity and complexity.  He is also a grade 3 prosecutor on the CPS list and is regularly instructed to...

Melissa Millin Melissa Millin
Melissa Millin Year of Call: 1999 Call on 020 7353 6802

Melissa was called in 1999 and is a member of Grays Inn. She commenced pupillage and initial tenancy at 3 Temple Gardens. Melissa initially specialised in crime but has been accepting family cases...

Philippa Page Philippa Page
Philippa Page Year of Call: 1999 Call on 020 7353 6802

Philippa has established herself as a successful and versatile practitioner, both prosecuting and defending. As a led junior, she has defended in a complex manslaughter (gross negligence) case; in...

Tamara Solecki Tamara Solecki
Tamara Solecki Year of Call: 1999 Call on 020 7353 6802

Tamara is a highly experienced Civil & Regulatory practitioner and advocate in the civil courts and tribunals with a wide knowledge of general civil law as well as of POCA. Her current practice...

Mark Hemming Mark Hemming
Mark Hemming Year of Call: 1999 Call on

Following almost 20 years as a Solicitor and Higher Court Advocate, Mark transferred to practise at the Bar as a tenant at Goldsmith Chambers in 2018. He has a breadth and depth of experience in...

Julia Needham Julia Needham
Julia Needham Year of Call: 2000 Call on

Julia is a criminal practitioner with experience of prosecuting and defending across a wide range of cases including possession of firearms with intent, armed robbery and other violent crime,...

Shahnawaz Khan Shahnawaz Khan
Shahnawaz Khan Year of Call: 2001 Call on

Shahnawaz Khan’s practice is divided into three areas: Criminal Defence, Immigration and Landlord & Tenancy. Shahnawaz hopes to supplement his practice by undertaking pro bono work. He is...

Stephen Page Stephen Page
Stephen Page Year of Call: 2003 Call on 020 7353 6802

Mr Page is developing an expanding practice in civil & regulatory and criminal work. Mr Page is well regarded for taking a professional and thorough approach to each case whilst maintaining his...

Daniel O’Malley Daniel O’Malley
Daniel O’Malley Year of Call: 2003 Call on

Daniel was called to the Bar in 2003. He is a former Senior Investigating Officer (‘SIO’) with the Paedophile Unit at New Scotland Yard. He served with the Metropolitan Police Service for 27 years...

Meyrick Williams Meyrick Williams
Meyrick Williams Year of Call: 2003 Call on 020 7353 6802

Meyrick's practice has a strong focus on criminal law. Whilst at the criminal Bar he has been instructed in murder, fraud, POCA, robbery, firearms, conspiracy, theft, drug importations, rape,...

Krystelle Wass Krystelle Wass
Krystelle Wass Year of Call: 2007 Call on

Krystelle has a mixed practice, encompassing immigration, refugee and asylum and public law. She also has particular expertise in disclosure matters, specifically in large serious fraud cases. She...

Rachel Law Rachel Law
Rachel Law Year of Call: 2009 Call on 020 7353 6802

Rachel has a busy criminal practice on the South East and Midlands circuits. Clients and witnesses alike have commended Rachel for her sensitive and patient approach, and she is often instructed in...

Katharine Stock Katharine Stock
Katharine Stock Year of Call: 2010 Call on 020 7353 6802

Katharine has a broad Criminal, Civil and Commercial practice. She is regularly instructed in High Court proceedings particularly those concerning civil fraud, commercial contracts and insolvency. ...

Oliver Newman Oliver Newman
Oliver Newman Year of Call: 2010 Call on 020 7353 6802

Oliver is a common law practitioner with specialisms in fraud and property law. He is known for his forensic approach, ensuring that no detail is missed. He is frequently praised for his...

Marie de Redman Marie de Redman
Marie de Redman Year of Call: 2011 Call on 020 7353 6802

Marie is a popular criminal junior, appearing on both the South Eastern and Midlands Circuits. Marie is often instructed in defence matters beyond her call and in recent years, Marie has expanded...

Elisabeth  Traugott Elisabeth  Traugott
Elisabeth Traugott Year of Call: 2011 Call on

Elisabeth is dual-qualified in the US and in England & Wales. She qualified in California in 2001 and was called to the Bar in 2011. Her background is in US commercial litigation, though before...

Sara Wyeth Sara Wyeth
Sara Wyeth Year of Call: 2013 Call on 020 7353 6802

Sara joined Goldsmith Chambers after successful completion of her pupillage. She is developing a busy practice across Chambers' main practice areas. Sara is developing a reputation as a fearless...

Sarah Memmi Sarah Memmi
Sarah Memmi Year of Call: 2013 Call on

Sarah has a busy and varied criminal practice appearing in the Crown Court. She also practises in family law, representing clients in children proceedings, both private and care, as well as Family Law...

Christabel McCooey Christabel McCooey
Christabel McCooey Year of Call: 2014 Call on 020 7353 6802

Christabel practices primarily in criminal and family law, with an interest in human rights, mental health and prison reform. She is adept at offering dedicated representation and advice which is...

Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor Year of Call: 2014 Call on

Sarah accepts instructions in all of Chambers’ practice areas and is authorised to conduct work on a Direct Access basis. She is building a reputation as a firm but sympathetic advocate. Sarah has a...

Ian Cain Ian Cain
Ian Cain Year of Call: 2014 Call on

Ian accepts instructions in all areas of Chambers’ practice, with a particular focus on civil and crime. Prior to joining Goldsmith Chambers, Ian was the In-House Advocate for a nationwide...

Harry O’Sullivan Harry O’Sullivan
Harry O’Sullivan Year of Call: 2016 Call on

Harry O'Sullivan is a specialist criminal barrister who joined Goldsmith Chambers following the completion of his pupillage in 2018. He accepts instructions to both defend and prosecute in criminal...

Joseph Byrne Joseph Byrne
Joseph Byrne Year of Call: 2016 Call on

Joseph’s practice focuses on immigration, public law, civil and crime. He is currently instructed as Junior Counsel to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry. Joseph read Law at the University of Cambridge...

Toby Roseman Toby Roseman
Toby Roseman Year of Call: 2018 Call on

Toby became a member of Goldsmith Chambers upon successful completion of pupillage in November 2020. He accepts instructions for both the defence and prosecution in criminal cases, and also in...

Jeremy Frost Jeremy Frost
Jeremy Frost Year of Call: 2018 Call on

Jeremy accepts instructions in London, the South East, the Midlands, and Manchester. Jeremy was called to the Bar in 2018, and has already begun to build a successful mixed practice. Since joining...

David Barr David Barr
David Barr Year of Call: 2019 Call on

David became a member of Goldsmith Chambers upon the successful completion of pupillage in November 2020. He accepts instructions in crime and immigration. During pupillage, David was supervised by...

Shiraz Bhanji Shiraz Bhanji
Shiraz Bhanji Year of Call: 1979 Call on

Shiraz Bhanji is an experienced practitioner across all areas of crime, employment, immigration and public law. During the late nineties Shiraz pursued interest in rural communities in Kenya...

Jasmine Ferguson Jasmine Ferguson
Jasmine Ferguson Year of Call: 2011 Call on 020 7353 6802

Jasmine is Dual Qualified in Australia and the United Kingdom having been called to the Bar in 2011 in the UK and admitted by the Supreme Court of New South Wales in Australia in 2008. She is a grade...

Andrew Fitch-Holland Andrew Fitch-Holland
Andrew Fitch-Holland Year of Call: 1990 Call on

Andrew was educated in the USA and England and called to the Bar in 1990. He is a highly sought-after, experienced advocate, regularly instructed in heavyweight cases across the full spectrum of...


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